Loving Indigo

Aug 2

I’ve been in love with moody hues of indigo for the longest time. Years, in fact. (Evidence here from 2+ years ago.) So I am loving that the indigo color is making a major comeback at the moment. Although, is indigo ever really out of style? I vote no. I think I love indigo because it’s somehow modern, classic, romantic and sultry all at the same time. Indigo is having such a moment right now and I am wild about the trend. I kind of want everything I set eyes on to be washed in shades of indigo these days. Who’s with me?

Loving Indigo | The Sweetest Occasion

[1: Heinui | 2: Elaine Palladino Photography from Style Me Pretty | 3: Gucio Photography from 100 Layer Cake | 4: Haus Interior | 5: American Eagle | 6: Clarabella | 7: Gucio Photography from 100 Layer Cake | 8: Elephant Ceramics | 9: Bookhou At Home.]

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