Party Palette: Indigo Blues

Feb 23

Today’s color palette is dramatic, rich and moody. It’s also completely sophisticated pairing deep indigo blues with shades of brighter blue, aquamarine and touches of warm gray. I love this palette because it’s bold and a bit unexpected, yet somehow still feels classic and timeless.

(p.s. I’m loving these palettes! How about you?)

{top. pia ulin. left. bluepoolroad. right. Kate Mathis.}

5 thoughts on “Party Palette: Indigo Blues”

  1. Thanks, love! I am pretty much obsessed with color palettes myself and little hearts just make me smile so why not, right? ;-) Glad you’re enjoying them! xoxo

  2. You know I love a palette. I seriously can’t stop myself from commenting. Haha! The blues are gorge! And the format of your actual palette – with the little hearts and color names – is just perfection.

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