Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Oh, and happy Friday, too! A day of love on a Friday. There’s not a single thing to hate about that, now is there? I couldn’t resist sharing one last handful of Valentine’s Day ideas. From super easy decor to yummy treats and printable cards, there’s still time to pull off a little something fun for your sweetheart today if you’re in a pinch. When in doubt? A really sweet card with a little love note penned inside is always a good way to go. If you’re still wanting more ideas, bounce over to Pinterest where I’ve got loads of Valentine’s Day ideas at the ready. Sending you all loads of love today! xoxo

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

[Heart sugar cookies | Honeycomb heart | Printable Valentines | Conversation gum | DIY xoxo gift wrap | Croissant sundaes | Giant balloon heart | Sprinkle heart cookies.]

3 thoughts on “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas”

  1. So cute! LOVE the gum idea! My older daughter is a gum fanatic and I gave her packs of gum! Wish I had seen this idea! I did the same type of post over at my blog!! Pinterest is the best, isn’t it! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

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