Loving Spring Planters

Mar 21

Any day now I’m going to stop complaining about the snow. Seriously. I promise. Any day now. In an effort to make today that day, can we talk about these gorgeous DIY planters? They’re cropping up everywhere and I’ve seen so many that I absolutely love. From hanging planters to pretty little gems that will dress up your desk or bookshelf with just the right amount of sparkle and greenery, these planters are simple enough for even the most novice crafter and will save you big bucks over pricey planters from your favorite retailers. And besides. They’re just pretty and they scream spring in the best darn way possible. Yup, happy spring, indeed!

Beautiful DIY Planters | The Sweetest Occasion

[DIY Planters | 1: Gilded succulent pots | 2: Indoor herb garden | 3: Leather and brass hanging planter | 4: Painted air plant bell cups | 5: Handmade clay pots | 6: Colorblock succulent pots | 7: Gold foil lettered flower pots | 8: Clothespin herb planters | 9: Modern copper hanging planter.]

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