Loving Flamingos

Jul 15

I’m not typically huge on themed parties, but right now I’m officially making an exception for everything even remotely flamingo themed. Flamingos feel unabashedly fun to me and it being summer and all, I’m pretty sure we all should indulge in some unabashed fun as often as possible. Both of my siblings live in South Florida in the land where sipping cocktails outdoors at tiki bars and decorating your lawn with flamingoes is, I’m pretty sure, the norm. (Ok, actually, I’ve never seen a flamingo in either of my siblings’ yards, but we’ll gloss over that technicality, ok?) At any rate, today we’re talking about flamingo party ideas, because I want to cover my lawn in flamingos and serve up loads of tiki drinks to all my friends. Doesn’t that sounds like the most fun ever? You know it does!

Flamingo Party Ideas | The Sweetest Occasion

[Photos, from top: Jessica Peterson for The House That Lars Built | Sherri Koop via 100 Layer Cakelet | Emily Isabella | Studio DIY | Amy Moss for Oh Happy Day.]