Last Minute Labor Day Ideas

Aug 29

Turns out, today marks the start of the last unofficial weekend of summer. Does anyone have any idea how that happened? Labor Day here in the States makes for an awesome long holiday weekend, one that feels bittersweet at the end of summer without all of the craziness of, say, July 4th weekend. We’re planning on a relaxed and slow this weekend and try to enjoy every last moment of it that we can. There are no elaborate plans, but for sure we’ll enjoy lingering over breakfast, sipping on a summery cocktail before the air gets chilly and maybe sneak in an ice cream cone or two. Here are my picks for last minute Labor Day ideas to inspire your weekend, too! See you on Tuesday when we’ll chat about things like, oh the start of football season. Because, duh, football. Happy weekend!

Last Day Labor Day Ideas from @cydconverse


[Watermelon mojitos | Herb ice cubes | Chambray and denim | DIY gold leaf checkers | Funnel cake cupcakes | DIY polka dot glasses | Summer frittata | Spiked watermelon ice pops.]

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