Recently Pinning: Coffee Break

Sep 10

Guys, I love my coffee. Sometimes iced in summer, always nice and strong, never that sickly sweet pumpkin spice stuff. (Sorry! I’m so sorry. I know so many people are obsessed and I mean no harm, but it’s just not my thing.) Come this time of year I seem to especially love my coffee. As the mornings grow cooler and a bit darker, there is something about that first cup that just sets the whole day up for happiness in my world. Lazily sipping in front of CBS Sunday Morning on the weekend? Yes. That’s my kind of bliss. So here are a few recipes, tricks and all around coffee-loving things I’ve been pinning of late. Here’s to the joy of a good coffee break!

Recently Pinning: Coffee Break


[Row 1: Honestly Yum | Kiran Turan | Row 2: A Beautiful Mess | Click and Blossom | Row 3: Kinfolk | Offbeat + Inspired.]

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