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Awesomely Spooky Halloween Cocktails

We’re going to a Halloween party this year where each guest is invited to bring a Halloween themed cocktail. Everyone will sip each concoction, vote on their favorite and one winner will take home a prize for the best Halloween drink recipe! So today, I’ve rounded up a handful of awesomely spooky Halloween cocktails. We’ll consider it research. Because, yes, I’m putting all kinds of pressure on myself and I fully intend to win the cocktail competition. I love that all of these cocktails have an element that is undeniably spooky, making them perfect for a Halloween party. I’m definitely going to consider these as inspiration when developing my own prize-winning drink!

The Grave Digger | Spooky Halloween Cocktails

The Grave Digger by Boulder Locavore
Combining whiskey and hard cider and spilling over with a creepy plume of dry ice smoke, this cocktail involves all of a few simple ingredients, without skimping on the spooky factor. I think it would be amazing for a Halloween fete!

Cinnamon Syrup for Halloween Cocktails

Blood Red Cinnamon Syrup by Pizzazzerie
This thick and sweet cinnamon simple syrup is the ideal addition to just about any Halloween drink that could stand to be tinted blood red. Which is just about all of them, don’t you think? Yes.

Blackbeard Cocktail | Spooky Halloween Cocktails

The Black Beard by Honestly Yum
Made with chocolate stout and a rich spiced rum (like my favorite, Kraken), this cocktail boasts as black as night hue and a silky smooth finish. I’m pretty sure serving it up in a martini glass is the only way to go, giving it a gothic look that’s perfectly Halloween.

Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Get Lucky by Death & Co.
This drink looks mighty creepy, but it’s actually fruity and sweet, loaded up with rum, honey and berries. Topped with bitters, it promises a sophisticated taste with a whole lot of yum on the side.

Black Widow | Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Black Widow by DIY Network
If you hate spiders, the name of this beverage alone is enough to tip you off into creeped out territory. It’s one of the simplest of the bunch to make and the addition of a sugar-rimmed glass and a black and white straw puts it perfectly on theme for any Halloween celebration.


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Courtney @ Pizzazzerie

Thursday 16th of October 2014

Awesome collection! You're so going to win, what a fun party idea! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.