Candy Corn Cake in a Jar

Oct 20

Last week when I shared my 4 easy tips for hosting a Halloween party, I promised to share with you my simple process for making candy corn cake in a jar! I’m not really sure there’s anyone out there who doesn’t love cake in a jar. I mean, it’s cake for one thing. From a practical stand point, I love that making the little cakes in the jar is actually easier than you think and the jars make for easy serving at parties so you’re not spending a bunch of time slicing and dishing up cake. Have a guest who’d rather take their dessert home? Yup. You guessed it. The jars also make for perfect little party favors, too. Or just pack a jar o’ cake in your lunch to take with you to work because you’re a grown up and you can. I absolutely approve of such actions.

Candy Corn Cake in a Jar by @cydconverse

Want to get started? Pop over to Momtastic where I’m sharing the recipe! It involves box cake mix and a muffin tin, hereby proving already that this does not take hours to accomplish. Also, again. It’s cake. And I really think we’re all entitled to a little bit of cake on a Monday morning. Get the instructions here.

Candy Corn Cake in a Jar by @cydconverse


[Photos by Cyd Converse for Momtastic.]

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