Loving Palm Leaf Patterns

Jul 15

Loving Palm Leaf Patterns by @cydconverse

Every once in a while a trend comes along with which I just fall totally in love. The palm leaf trend, my friends, is one of those. I love how it feels both really traditional, super modern and ever so positively tropical. I also adore that it can move seamlessly from home decor to fashion to party decor, all the while just feeling really really cool. These are just a few of the ways that I’m loving palm leaf patterns at the moment and I’m officially not-so-secretly coveting a pair of palm leaf curtains of my very own. Also, we just moved. Maybe I should make that happen?


[1: Mary Costa for Studio DIY | 2: Whitlock & Co. | 3: Gallant & Jones | 4: Lombardi House by Amber Interiors | 5: Fybur | 6: The Atlantic Ocean | 7: Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.]

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