Happy Valentine’s Day and WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! However you’re celebrating or not celebrating today, and whomever you may spend your day with, I hope you have a day that leaves you feeling loved. Speaking of feeling loved, I’ve been holding out on you guys and today seems like the perfect day to spill the beans – we’re getting married! I didn’t share the news when we first got engaged because it felt really personal and we also had a tiny baby at the time and it was all just kind of overwhelming, in the best possible way. We also had so many weddings last year that we were in, attending, traveling for and all of the requisite expenses, not to mention having bought a house, so we knew financially and with regards to our sanity that we would most likley not be getting married right away. Fast forward a year later and we will be getting married exactly eight months from today! After a lot of debate and deliberation (a lot of it centering on the very real possibility of eloping), we have decided we will be getting married this fall in our backyard. It will be a morning ceremony with just our closest family, friends and neighbors with a brunch reception to follow at a cool local restaurant. By the time we get married we’ll have been together for over six years, so for us it’s really more about a celebration of family than about a whole lot of pomp and circumstance.

Fall Brunch Wedding Ideas | Encore wedding ideas from @cydconverse

This is the mood board that’s currently inspiring my planning and design ideas. The color palette will revolve around that gorgeous oxblood color with lots of ivory and a dusty blush pink, balanced out by an abundance of greenery. We aren’t having a wedding party, but my sister is going to stand up with me and she’ll be wearing the dress in the lower left, which is just absolutely stunning. Otherwise, our photographer is booked and we have a date and a venue, but beyond that we haven’t done a whole lot so I’m just getting ready to start cranking things into high gear in that department. I plan to share updates here and there, but let me know what bits you’re most interested in knowing more about! Overall we’re just looking forward to a day that feels really simple and full of love, that cuts out as much of the unnecessary fanfare as possible, but is still really special and memorable. (Read: Expect an epic bubbly and Bloody Mary bar at brunch!) I guess this post makes it officially official – stay tuned for more!


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36 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day and WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!”

    1. Thank you, Amy! After several different iterations of the plans, we’re just so excited to have a date and a place nailed down. Bring on all the DIY wedding decor! ;-)

  1. Yayayayaaaaaay! Congratulations! Your wedding idea sounds — and looks — just lovely! We had a small, intimate, low key courthouse wedding with a restaurant reception and it was the BEST. Though even with that I was still tempted to elope, lol. You will have a BLAST with yours! Congrats again!

    1. Thank you so so much, Lindsay! I am so glad I finally got around to sharing this post, it’s getting me really excited now! hahaha ;-)

  2. Congratulations Cyd! We totally have similar mood boards for our weddings. Haha. We are getting married in June 2018, so we still have a lot of time thank goodness. Our family is so huge, so we had to book a venue. Sadly, that meant my dream of a backyard wedding would not happen. I am looking forward to being with our huge families though, even if it’s quite a few people!

    I definitely love the burgundy colour you’re sister is wearing! That’s the colour my best friends are wearing for our wedding. We’re doing that, plus navy and grey instead. Same idea with lots of greenery though! LOVE IT!

    1. Ahhh Jennifer, that is so funny! LOVE navy with that oxblood color, too, that will be stunning. We have huge families, too, so our “small” wedding will still be around 100 people all told. We could have very easily had 200+ people but we got pretty hardcore trying to keep things more intimate. So we’ll pile into the backyard for the ceremony (and we have a really large, deep yard) and then off to the restaurant for brunch. And yes! Lots and lots of greenery! xoxo

  3. Congrats, Cyd!! I’m so excited for you guys, and can’t wait to follow along. We got married in the Fall, and in my opinions, it’s the best time of year for a wedding! xoxo

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Melissa! My first wedding was in the summer and this big huge two-day production so I’m looking forward to something very different this time around. ;-) Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks, Sara! Right now I am scheming ceremony background ideas that I’m hoping don’t take us all summer to build. ;-) XOXO

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