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17 of Your Favorite Posts from 2017

Happy 2018, friends! As I’ve done for several years in a row now, I’m easing into January today with a little look back at some of your favorite posts from the year before we jump into the New Year. I usually like to start January a bit slower, spending more time with Baby E, reading a good book or two, and taking time to reflect, make plans and dream up ideas for the year ahead. In so many ways 2017 was truly a banner year, which I’ll ruminate on more later, so I loved taking a look back and digging very unscientifically into the archives to come up with the best of 2017. It’s hard to believe but The Sweetest Occasion turns TEN YEARS OLD in 2018 so I have every intention of making this year the very best one yet in terms of the content we’re producing, the ways I’m connecting with you and in general just trying to take things to the next level this year. I have no clue what that means just yet, but I’ll be working on it! In the meantime, here are 17 of your favorite posts from the last year. Enjoy!

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6 Favorite Ways DIY Gold Animals Have Been Reinvented

[Tutorial + photo by Hank + Hunt for The Sweetest Occasion.] It was just shy of three years ago that Jenny brilliantly crafted these DIY party animal candles and with them took the internet by storm. Truth be told, all these months later, that tutorial stands strong as one of our most popular posts to date! I …

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Inspired by Blossom Type

Have you guys seen this amazing creative project, Blossom Type? It’s seriously one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen recently. A collaboration between Alice Mourou, Dmitriy Petrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin, Blossom Type features beautiful typography created by bits of flowers and greens, with beautifully styled photos and video clips detailing the process. I love it when talented people …

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Three Pretty and Pink Things

I’m popping in rather late with today’s post – a little pretty and pink inspiration for your Wednesday afternoon. I spent the morning visiting my grandmother in the hospital where she’s still working to recover from the major surgery she underwent on Friday. She’s had a few complications so I wanted to take some time …

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