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The Top 15 Posts of 2015

If I wax poetic right now about how I can’t believe that we’re in the final hours of 2015, I’d be about the one millionth blogger to do so. Regardless, this is me officially proclaiming that I can’t believe that 2015 is just about a wrap. I’m still marveling over all the huge, crazy things that happened this year (like this one) and I’ll definitely be reflecting more on the year that was in the coming days. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little recap of the top 15 posts of 2015! This is a semi-scientific round-up of your favorite posts of the year, presented in no particular order. Any other favorites not on the list? Fill me in! I’m brainstorming for 2016 and I’d love to know what you loved this year!

Pear and Poppy Seed Layer Cake from @cydconverse

Pear and Poppy Seed Layer Cake

DIY Marble Dipped Mugs by @cydconverse

DIY Marble Dipped Mugs

Caramel Apple Sangria by @cydconverse

Caramel Apple Sangria

DIY Gold Leaf Planters by @cydconverse

DIY Gold Leaf Planters

DIY Painted Dresser Makeover by @cydconverse featuring @valsparpaint

DIY Painted Dresser Makeover

DIY Painted Mason Jars by @cydconverse

DIY Painted Mason Jars

DIY Marble Pitcher by @cydconverse

DIY Marble Pitcher

DIY Gold Glitter Dipped Mug by @cydconverse

DIY Gold Glitter Dipped Mug

DIY Gold Leaf Frame by @cydconverse

DIY Gold Leaf Frame

DIY Striped iPhone Case by @cydconverse

DIY Striped iPhone Case

Homemade Vodka Sauce Recipe by @cydconverse

Host a Ladies Night Dinner Party

DIY Watermelon Print Napkins by @cydconverse

DIY Watermelon Print Napkins

DIY Abstract Painted Mug by @cydconverse

DIY Abstract Painted Mug

Chocolate Chip Cookie Iced Coffee Float by @cydconverse

Chocolate Chip Cookie Iced Coffee Float

DIY Painted Gold Leaf Ornaments by @cydconverse

DIY Painted Gold Leaf Ornaments


[Top photo by Sugary & Buttery | All others by Alice G. Patterson for The Sweetest Occasion.]

@cydconverse Home Tour featuring @valsparpaint
A Mini Home Tour + Tips for Choosing a Paint Color Palette
How to Arrange Flowers from @cydconverse
Happy New Year + What's To Come in 2016

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Matt Richards

Sunday 10th of January 2016

Whew, I am definitely making that chocolate chip cookie iced coffee as soon as possible. I realize it's more like a milkshake and not so much a coffee, but I don't even care. I NEED IT.

Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus

Thursday 7th of January 2016

Your work is all so top notch, lady! I've been loving seeing everybody's roundups from last year!

Cyd Converse

Thursday 7th of January 2016

Thanks, Linds! That means so much. XOXO