Welcome Emerson

Nov 30

Welcome Emerson - The Sweetest Baby  from @cydconverse

Hi, friends! I have never been happier nor more overwhelmed to make an announcement in my life. Please welcome our sweet baby girl, Emerson Gray! (Her middle name comes from a hybrid of my maternal grandparents’ names – Gary and Kay.) She arrived right on time a week ago today, November 23 at 8:21am weighing 7lbs 15oz and measuring 20-3/4″ long. She is seriously the definition of perfection. It’s sincerely an understatement to say that her daddy and I could not be more in love if we tried. We are all doing great although I’ll be honest and admit that a week out, those postpartum emotions are proving to be very very real. All of that said, I’m definitely going to be laying low for a while and enjoying all the baby snuggles I can. In the meantime, here’s hoping you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving! We, for sure, have never had more to be thankful for than we do this year. xoxo


22 thoughts on “Welcome Emerson”

  1. THANK YOU, Lindsay! She is so awesome already it’s kind of overwhelming, but I’m excited to see how she grows. xoxo

  2. Hello ! I never leave any comment despite I read you very frequently (I never know what to say but “Waouh”). Please receive all my congratulations for this adorable baby.
    xoxo from France

  3. I’m way late to the party but CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is adorable and you, ma’am are amazing for hustlin’ so damn hard before delivery. Enjoy her and all those lovely diapers she’s DIYing for you!

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