Loving Food Trucks + Campers

Jun 17

Have I ever told you that B and I dream of one day owning a food truck? We actually have a notebook full of ideas and recipes and doodles. Every so often we have test kitchen nights when we’ll try out three or four recipe ideas and taste test them, making notes about what we love best and what could use tweaking. Yeah, it’s that level of dreaming. Lately I’ve been seeing so many adorable little food trucks and vintage campers tricked out to serve up everything from coffee and donuts to oysters and cupcakes. Or heck, there’s even a restored caravan traveling around Australia selling vintage wares and treasures! Can you imagine? Such a dream! While I’m located approximately a zillion miles from any of these gems, I’m thinking you should make a point to pay them a visit or hire them to cater a killer backyard party if you’re in their area. And send me photos? Please and thank you.

Carpe Donut Truck

Carpe Donut Truck Carpe Donut Truck

[Carpe Donut | Photos by Laura Gordon Photography via Style Me Pretty.]

Travelling Wares

Travelling Wares Travelling Wares

[Travelling Wares | Photos by Kara Rosenlund.]

Attridge & Cole Coffee Co.

Attridge & Cole Coffee Co.

[Attridge & Cole Coffee Co.]

Cabin Cove Oysters

Cabin Cove Oysters

Cabin Cove Oysters

[Cabin Cove Oysters | Photos by Oh Darling.]

Enjoy Cupcakes

Enjoy Cupcakes

Enjoy Cupcakes

[Enjoy Cupcakes | Photos by Jose Villa.]

4 thoughts on “Loving Food Trucks + Campers”

  1. Ha ha, I actually had the same dream of having a food truck (most likely a dessert truck) of my own for a while. Now it’s kind of been replaced with all of my other dreams, but I would say it is definitely still comes to mind every now and then. I think it’s so cool that you try new recipes and everything! I guess now all you need is the wheels, right? :) Anyways, thanks for sharing and (of course) the pictures were gorgeous as always.

  2. Yes, Elle! A dessert truck sounds amazing. Maybe just a really awesome ice cream sundae truck. I’d be down with that. ;-)

  3. Amy, I am so jealous your grandparents had an amazing camper like that! I seriously want one so bad it’s not even funny. ;-)

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