Patterned Vintage Wedding Dress

Feb 24

I love this dress. The romantic in me loved it from the moment I first saw it for the clean, classic lines and pretty pattern. Wouldn’t this be absolutely beautiful for an intimate outdoor wedding? It’s the type of dress where you can get married barefoot and then curl up on a picnic blanket with your beloved and your closet friends and family for a spread of the most delectable sandwiches and bite-sized desserts.  The type of dress where you don’t need to worry about the perfect hair or the perfect accessories because the dress itself is just so darling. The type of dress where you can dance all night in the cool summer breeze or cuddle up in front of a bonfire without feeling uncomfortable or like you have to act dainty. In fact, it might just be the perfect dress of all.



{Photos from Raindrop Lila.}

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