Milk + Cookie Favor Printables

May 17

I am so excited to welcome my next guest blogger, the lovely Kristen of Paper Crave. Paper Crave is one of my favorite blogs, a treasure trove of inspiration dedicated to all things paper and stationery. (Appropriate for National Stationery Show week, no?) Kristen is here with an amazing DIY project and, lucky for you, she’s offering up her amazing designs as free downloads for The Sweetest Occasion readers! Thanks, Kristen!

A little milk and cookies, anyone? Printable milk carton favor boxes and “report card” recipe cards and envelopes help create an air of whimsy in everything from school-themed children’s birthday parties to nostalgia-laced adult birthday parties and baby showers. Place baked goodies in the favor boxes for guests to take home, and include the recipe for the goodies and other favorites in the report card envelopes so they can make their own yummies long after they’ve finished yours.

[Tip: Wrap baked goods in oven parchment or waxed paper before placing in the favor boxes so any butter or oil in the treats won’t leak onto the box.]


milk-cookie-shooters-wedding-favor-ideasAdditional decorating ideas:

Use the recipe report card envelopes as place cards for each guest by adding labels with their names to the front.

Use bowls of apples or bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils (for adult parties, where pointy things aren’t an issue) to create table centerpieces.

Set up a coloring station with boxes of crayons and coloring pages for a fun activity for both children and adults.

Write the party menu on a chalkboard, and hang it on the wall or place it in some other prominent area where everyone can see.

Feeling inspired? Download your free milk carton favor box | recipe cards | and report card envelope templates, created especially for The Sweetest Occasion readers. Thanks, Kristen!

{Photos by Paper Crave.}

60 thoughts on “Milk + Cookie Favor Printables”

    1. Hi Nadege! I would suggest trying another browser like firefox to access the pdf download and hopefully that helps. IE is a finicky browser. So glad you like the milk carton boxes!

  1. OMG.. this is the cutest idea ever!! Thanks for sharing and creating the templates! I think this will be perfect for the last day of school!

    1. Hi Jessica! Because Kristen holds the copyright on the designs, the files are password protected as they are not intended to be edited. If you’re interested in customizing them, I’d contact her directly (kristen at papercrave dot com) and I’m sure she’d be happy to chat with you about the possibility for a custom version. Thanks – so glad you like them!

  2. Hi Cyd,
    Thanks for posting Kristen’s fun ideas for an all-in-one great favor! It’s our family tradition to bake chocolate chip cookies. I can’t wait to try this out!
    Printables are really getting so popular and I’m thrilled to see the wonderful designers coming out these days! Brava~

  3. I, too, am finding the file to be password protected when opening in Illustrator. I don’t want to change the design, I only want to type in my recipe. Any suggestions?

  4. I love the cartons such a sweet idea! Unltimately I decided to go with the fillable milk bottles because I was having a vintage black and white wedding. They are going to be just a nice paired with black and white cookies! I love these ideas! Here’s the glass bottles in case anyone is aimlessly been searching the net for them. Lol

  5. LOVE this!!! So very cute and creative. I, too, am finding the file to be password protected when opening in Photoshop. I don’t want to change the design, I only want to type in my recipe. Any hints or tips?

  6. Hello! I LOVE this template – would it be possible for it to be modified to be in a different color? We want to use this idea for a baby shower – wasnt sure if we could do it in Pink and Blue or Brown.

    1. Hi Tori! Gosh, that is a fantastic question. I can see that somehow over the last many moons that this file got lost. Let me dig through my records! I might be able to dig it up somewhere and I’ll update the post with a fresh link if I can. Stay tuned!

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