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Jan 28

I know I say every Friday how ready I am for it to be Friday, but today this is especially true. I’ve run myself a bit ragged the last few weeks and I’m looking forward to not leaving my house at all tomorrow. Heck, I’ll be lucky if I make it out of pajamas! I’ll be traveling back and forth to home a lot next week, tending to some family issues, so my communication will likely be a bit more limited than usual. Blog posts will still be regular, I just might get behind on getting back to your emails and comments so bear with me if you can. Anything fun on your weekend agenda? I hope it’s a beautiful one!

Chelsea does it again! DIY glitter garland.

Rockin’ letterpress coasters.

One of my favorite talks at Alt – 6 tips for planning super parties.

Merriment Events seeks an intern. (Amazing opportunity!)

I’m a vegetarian, but if I ate pepperoni it would need to be heart-shaped.

Introducing Furbaby Friday!

Loving this birthday party.

Alt, in short.

Awesome people I met at Alt.

Me, elsewhere:

My reflections on Alt Summit.

A super pretty purple color palette.

Welcoming Bella Figura 2011.

{Photo from Lovely Indeed.}

5 thoughts on “Friday Link Love”

  1. Just found your blog and Looooove it! What great inspiration, and sad we didn’t get to meet at Alt, maybe next year? Just added your to my blog roll, love finding new sites!

    1. Hi Liz! Alt is just the best isn’t it? I do wish we’d have bumped into each other. There were all these people I wanted to meet and it was just such a whirldwind of inspiration and glee that sadly I missed a lot of people. I am already pumped for next year so we’ll have to make it a date! xoxo

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