DIY Arrow Cupcake Toppers

Feb 1

Hi! Jenny again from Hank + Hunt. My two little guys are finally old enough to really enjoy celebrations so this year will be the first that we will really decorate and have a little party for Valentine’s Day.  For a second little topper treat (see my ruffled cake toppers,too), here is a cute little Cupid’s arrow.  A shot to the heart with some serious sweetness. I’m so excited to share these goodies with you – thank you so much, Cyd, for having me! xo

hot glue

Cut two pieces of felt into a small rectangle, about 1.5” by 2.5” (about 3/4″ by 1″ for toothpicks) Layer them on top of each other, and trim the corners off one end, to create point. Cut opposite end at the same angle, cutting a triangle out of the end. Open and separate the felt pieces. Run a line of hot glue at the end of the lollipop stick. Glue to one piece of felt. Run a second strip of hot glue and press top piece of felt down. Press all around stick to secure down, open and add more glue as needed to cover stick and secure. Once cool, cut two diagonal lines on each side, stopping short of the stick, following the lines of the point. Now, cut a line straight into the center to the top of the diagonal lines. This creates a small triangle notch, when finished you will have two on each side. Enjoy! Use these in cupcakes, as drink stirrers (on a bamboo skewer) with cherries or in a heart shaped brownie bite (on a toothpick.)
{Photos by Hank + Hunt.}

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