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10 Cool Creatives to Follow on Snapchat

10 Cool Creatives to Follow on Snapchat | Click through or pin for later to get to Snapchat tips and recommendations for who to follow on Snapchat from @cydconverse

Over the last few months I’ve mentioned spending a lot more time on Snapchat, which has taken me by surprise! About a year ago I played around with it and I just didn’t get what the hype was all about. So I deleted the app off my phone and that was that…until it wasn’t. For whatever reason earlier this year I decided to give it another go and low and behold, I fell in love. It is very quickly becoming my favorite social media platform! That said, a common critique I hear from new users is that they don’t know who to follow on Snapchat or how to find people to follow. Admittedly because the app doesn’t have any kind of general or public feed, it can be a little tricky. Again, I think that’s actually part of the intentional design of the platform, forcing you to seek people out, so today I thought I’d share my short list of 10 cool creatives to follow on Snapchat. (Additionally, don’t forget you can use Snapchat to search your contacts in your phone if you want to connect with more people you know in real life, too! I always forget that. Oops!) Click through for some of my favorite Snapchatters and feel free to give me a follow, too! My username on the snaps is cydconverse and I’ve been updating more frequently, so if you’re curious about what’s happening in reno land or what I have brewing for posts behind the scenes, that is where you’ll find it!

Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking (whatsgabycookin)
Gaby is easily one of my favorite people to follow on Snapchat. She’s a chef, food blogger and cookbook author and her weekly Snapisodes (typically on Fridays) where she live snaps a recipe demo are worth following alone. Plus, the girl is just so damn bubbly and fun, she’s pretty hard to resist. (FYI – I’ve met Gaby in person when we worked on the same campaign last year and she comes across exactly the same in real life!)

Jeff Mindell of Jeff Mindell Photography (jeffmindell)
Jeff is a photographer based in SoCal known for his sharp, colorful, modern style whose wife is none other than our friend Kelly of Studio DIY. (She’s studiodiy on Snapchat!) Jeff chronicles his daily work adventures and travels throughout the LA area on Snapchat and I find him totally fun to follow. This week he has been in San Francisco on a job and I now really want to go to San Fran.

Jillian Harris (jillian-harris)
Interior designer, former Bachelorette and HGTV personality Jillian Harris gives a pretty candid look at her personal life on Snapchat, including glimpses at her pregnancy and photos of her home oftentimes sans makeup, which I find totally refreshing. This is the candid, unedited side of Snapchat that I think is really really great.

House of Brinson (houseofbrinson)
Husband and wife photography duo, Susan and William, share behind the scenes of their work and photoshoots, giving a glimpse at what goes into their truly beautiful work. They also share their personal home projects and their dogs often make cameos, too, which is a win-win for me.

Studio McGee (studiomcgee)
Studio McGee is the interior design firm behind some of the most stunning interiors around – you’ve probably pinned more than a few of their projects many times! On Snapchat they show off what’s going on at the studio as well as sharing sneak peeks at their current projects and installs, all of which are sincerely gorgeous. Can they come make over our house? Pretty please!

Becka Robinson (tetheredto)
Becka is a photographer, yogi, online fitness coach, travel junkie and all around creative spirit and she also happens to be a personal friend of mine. She brings her signature soft, moody look to Snapchat sharing family adventures and their recent cross country voyage in their RV. Somehow in all the noise of social media, Becka’s various feeds always resonate as being quiet in the best possible way.

Joy Cho of Oh Joy (ohjoy)
Creative director and designer extraordinare, Joy uses Snapchat to share scenes throughout her day, including snippets of what’s going on at the Oh Joy Studio, outings with her seriously adorable daughters and daily outfit of the day details. Spoiler alert: She’s always dressed at least ten times better than I am, but this surprises no one.

Jen Gotch of (jengotch)
Jen is the founder and creative director of, a brand we all know and love for their bright, playful and vibrant accessories. Ok, fair warning. Jen is a little a wacky and and some of her snaps are seriously just long ramblings about nothing, but also, that’s kind of why I love following her. She’s spunky, funny and totally off the cuff, and this lady has killer personal style that she shares on the regular.

Jeran of Oleander and Palm (oleanderandpalm)
Jeran is a blogger, mom and outdoor enthusiast and I love following along on her family’s various adventures. From camping trips to DIY projects to recipes, Jeran shares a little bit of everything on Snapchat. Like me, she’s also in the process of buying an old house in need of some TLC so I can assure you that more home reno snaps are in your future if you’re enjoying mine and want someone else to follow!

Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar (brightbazaar)
Will basically needs no introduction, but if you do need one, here it is! Will is the design eye, author and editor behind the Bright Bazaar empire, known for his colorful and cheerful smile-inducing style. On Snapchat he joyfully brings followers along behind the scenes of networking events, book signings, work travel and more, all packaged up with a pretty terrific British accent.

While I am finding new, awesome people to follow on Snapchat all the time, these are a few of my most favorite at the moment that I think you’d also enjoy. Anyone you think I should follow? Chime in and let me know!


[Photo by Alice G. Patterson for The Sweetest Occasion.]

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