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Baby Talk: Baby E at Seven Months Old

Baby Talk | Seven month old baby update from @cydconverse

Our internet was down earlier without reason so I gladly stole some extra baby snuggles and spent some time thinking about this post. We’ll jump right into the cliches as I proclaim that I can’t believe that little Baby E is already seven months old. Really, how does it go so fast? Even when you know the time is going to fly, that each stage is fleeting, that every phase is finite, somehow, it still seems to pass in a blur. Sometimes it’s a blur of sleepless nights and spit up. Sometimes it’s a blur of giggles and hand clapping. Mostly we’re experiencing primarily the latter these days, although I still wear baby puke on my clothes far often than I should admit. And unless it’s a really bad one, I don’t even bother changing anymore. Keeping it really classy here today, friends. At any rate, it has been a couple of months so I wanted to take a minute and share a baby update with you! The last time around, E was five months old and I was struggling to find my groove. Now we’re seven months old and so so much has changed!

Baby Talk | Seven month old baby update from @cydconverse

Because her birthday was so near to Thanksgiving, her one month checkup would have fallen right around Christmas and therefore got pushed into the new year so all of her appointments have happened behind schedule. All of that being a long winded way of saying that her six month appointment and shots aren’t until this Friday, which is actually ten days or so after she turned seven months old. All of that also being a long winded way of saying I don’t have her latest weight and length stats to share, but I can guarantee we’re still going to be at well over the 90th percentile for length. Our already long-limbed girl has been growing like a weed in recent weeks (although we still don’t have any teeth) and I swear it seems already like she’s transforming from baby to toddler in a way that makes me cry. Literally. Like three times a week. I’m officially that mom. She’s now rolling over easily, sitting up on her own, eating lots of homemade organic veggies and fruits 2 to 3 times a day, mimicking you if you clap to her, paying attention when you turn the pages during story time, sleeping on her belly at night and logging a lot of hours jumping in her bouncer. Every so often it even seems like she’s starting to hug you back when you squeeze her close and she seems to understand what kisses are, even if she’s not yet giving them back. Lately she’s been sleeping clear through the night from about 8 o’clock until 7 o’clock in the morning, always in her crib in her room all on her own like a big kid. Like I said. She’s basically barely even a baby anymore.

Baby Talk | Seven month old baby update from @cydconverse

Baby Talk | Seven month old baby update from @cydconverse

I’m sure all parents think so, but we’re pretty convinced that this tiny little girl is smart. Like, smart smart. She appears to really get things and understand them quickly. She is perpetually curious and is constantly observing what’s going on around her. If it’s watching her big siblings play or checking out the dog or people watching when we’re visiting friends, she is like a little sponge soaking it all up. She is also easily the happiest, friendliest baby I’ve ever seen, readily giving of her big, infectious slightly lopsided grin. Sometimes she just wants her mommy, as babies do, but for the most part she is seemingly content to be social and doesn’t much mind being passed around a room. When her big siblings get home or Daddy comes home after a long week of work (because he’s still gone Monday morning until Friday evening most weeks), she gets outright gleeful, clapping her hands and reaching for them eagerly. She babbles and sings and makes bird-like chirps and noises (mostly resembling those of a pigeon) for hours, a constant stream of da-da-da and ma-ma-ma and na-na-na happening around the clock. And, guys, that giggle. If you have a tiny baby who isn’t laughing yet, or you’re pregnant or you’re longing to be a mommy, I promise you that those baby giggles are everything. You can be wearing crusty puke speckled clothes with bags under your eyes for days, but that giggle will solve all of your woes.

Baby Talk | Seven month old baby update from @cydconverse

Baby Talk | Seven month old baby update from @cydconverse

This past weekend we took her on her first picnic and she also got to go to the beach for the first time and go swimming! I snapped all of these photos on my iPhone 6s and edited them on my favorite app (A Color Story) and they were too cute not to share. We’ll be taking more family portraits soon with Alice (we’re trying to do them every few months for the first couple of years of her life as she’s changing so quickly), but I also chase her around daily taking photos. She has been loving being outside so far this summer since things really warmed up and got sunny. Yesterday after her little dip in the water she was content to simply lay on her beach blanket and play with her hands and toys, and pull grass and toss it around. We’re looking forward to taking her camping and boating and kayaking all summer long! Honestly, we’re at a stage right now where it all feels a like too quick. A little too temporary. This age is so fun and so so rewarding (when some of the early months you’re just trying to survive) that I sincerely wish with all my heart that I could pause time for even just a little while. I’m not ready for her to crawl or walk or talk, because I want so badly to savor the sweetness that she radiates every day right now. I’m doing my best to hang on tight and enjoy the ride. Certainly she is my greatest adventure yet!

Baby Talk | Seven month old baby update from @cydconverse


Baby’s Outfits –
Floral dress from Old Navy | Straw sun hat from Old Navy | Cherry bikini from Target | Picnic blanket DIY tutorial

[Photos by Cyd Converse for The Sweetest Occasion.]

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Aunt Ash

Wednesday 29th of June 2016

Whatta perfect baby girl!!!!!!!!!! Love that face! <3

Cyd Converse

Tuesday 5th of July 2016

She's the best ever! ;-)