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Our Go-To Netflix Binge Watch Lists

What to Watch on Netflix | The ultimate Netflix watch list for fall from @cydconverse plus loads of design ideas, DIY projects, entertaining tips, home decor ideas and more!

I know, I know, that fall drum is going to be beaten a lot around here and on every other blog in the universe in the next few weeks, but can we talk about one of my favorite fall things for a moment? Catching up on my favorite shows and discovering new ones! Is that completely boring? Do I have an utterly unexceptional existence? Yup. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I like it that way. After a busy, hectic summer full of run-run-run sometimes I just like to sit-sit-sit. After months of rarely, if ever, even turning the television on in our house, sometimes it honestly feels fun and new to cozy up for a serious Netflix binge come fall. In honor of all things couch potato, my sister and I teamed up today to share our go-to Netflix watch list picks. The newer things, the oldie but goodie things, all the television watching things. Should you feel so inclined as to feed our joint addictions, chime in with your favorites, too! I’m always down for a good Netflix binge session when the weather is cool. (Oh and FYI, we both are basically obsessed with everything on each other’s lists, too, so consider this a pretty comprehensive list of all the best shows currently streaming on Netflix!)

Cyd’s What to Watch on Netflix Picks

  • Parenthood – Because the Bravermans are my family spirit animal. I hope we raise our kids to be this closeknit when they’re adults!
  • Friday Night Lights – Because Coach Taylor is seriously the man. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!
  • Making a Murderer – Because this docuseries is worth all the hype. It’s mind boggling to follow this case!
  • Lost – Because we’re getting ready to watch the series a second time to try and figure it out!
  • Bloodline – Because season 1 is good but season 2 was seriously even better. Rayburn!
  • Orange is the New Black – Because, while more than a touch risqué, the character development in this show is brilliant.
  • How to Get Away with Murder – Because with every plot twist, you’re going to get more and more hooked! Mind blowing.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Because sometimes you just need an oldie but a goodie to get you in the feels. McDreamy forever!
  • Gilmore Girls – Because shockingly somehow I forgot it originally, so I’m adding it after the fact! (Simply, best show ever.)

Ash’s What to Watch on Netflix Picks

  • The Walking Dead – Because it’s not just all about zombies. Seriously.
  • Stranger Things – Because it’s crazy intense but so so good.
  • One Tree Hill – Because it’s one of the all-time best of the teen drama genre. No, really.
  • Breaking Bad – Because it’s basically a classic in its own time. Any questions?
  • Gossip Girl – Because Team Chuck forever! And ever and ever. And ever.
  • The Vampire Diaries – Because sometimes you just have to kick it classic vampire series style.
  • Scandal – Because Olivia Pope is our other spirit animal. Put on your white hat!
  • Narcos – Because everyone else is doing it, so why not? (And it is actually worth the hype!)

p.s. Stay tuned this fall and throughout the holidays as my sister will be making little cameos here and there to spice things up a bit! Plus, we’ll be sharing full details from her wedding once we have photos in hand. We can’t wait! xoxo


[Photo by Krista A. Jones via The Glitter Guide.]

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