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Fall Cocktails

Apple Rum Cocktail

Mix It Up: Apple Cocktails

Following up on this week’s ode to the best apple recipes for fall, let’s talk cocktails, shall we? We’re tentatively planning a trip to the apple orchard this weekend with the kiddos and a bunch of friends and their families, so I know the apples will soon be overflowing our fruit bowl. By a whole …

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Cider Rum Punch

Here in Upstate New York, many of us are pretty hardcore apple cider junkies this time of year. The good, fresh, local stuff that basically tastes like heaven on earth. Different variations of spiked cider concoctions pop up everywhere for holiday celebrations, giving a childhood favorite a decidedly grown-up twist. Apple cider definitely pairs best with rum, …

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Honey Plum Splash

Throughout October I’m going to be taking some time off and have invited a handful of my favorite bloggers to join us. Today we’re welcoming Kelly of Santa Barbara Chic, an absolutely beautiful blog chock full of lovely ideas for weddings and entertaining. Kelly is a wonderfully talented stylist, blogger and floral designer and it’s such …

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