Cider Rum Punch

Nov 15

Here in Upstate New York, many of us are pretty hardcore apple cider junkies this time of year. The good, fresh, local stuff that basically tastes like heaven on earth. Different variations of spiked cider concoctions pop up everywhere for holiday celebrations, giving a childhood favorite a decidedly grown-up twist. Apple cider definitely pairs best with rum, although I have to admit to not being a huge fan of rum. That said, Kraken Rum is kind of changing that for me so I definitely suggest a high quality spiced rum for this cider rum punch. This is perfect for mixing up a big pitcher before guests arrive and sipping while the turkey finishes roasting!

Cider rum punch by Verses From My Kitchen via The Sweetest Occasion

{Photo by Verses From My Kitchen.}

Cider rum punch | The Sweetest Occasion

Get the cocktail recipe at Verses From My Kitchen!

{Mix It Up: Kraken Rum / highball / apple cider / striped straws / cinnamon sticks / club soda / cocktail bitters / juicer.}

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