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Homemade ornaments

Deck the Halls with Glittery Galaxy Inspired Homemade Ornaments

Because I’ve never met a clear glass ornament I didn’t want to bedazzle, I skipped to the craft store recently and bought loads of glitter. Making homemade ornaments is a passion of mine, and this year I was feeling a little inspired by the galaxy craze and decided to make glittery galaxy inspired DIY ornaments! They’re really simple to make and the swirls of glitter turned out so pretty. These are easy enough for even younger kiddos to help with, too, which makes them even more fun in my book!

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10 Gorgeous Homemade Ornaments You Can Make with Simple Glass Ornaments

There’s one week until Christmas and I am so excited! Yes, if you haven’t already caught on, I am basically an overgrown five year old child when it comes to all things Christmas. I am still tinkering on a few crafty Christmas things this week and thought you might be, too, so I have rounded up ten seriously gorgeous homemade ornaments! The best part is that all of these are made with inexpensive glass ornaments which this time of year you can scoop up for just a few bucks a piece at any craft store. Most of these are kid-friendly, too, so if you want to get the kids around the table to craft some pretty ornaments for the tree or to give as teacher’s gifts or to the grandparents, here are some truly beautiful ones to try that no one would ever guess were homemade. If you’re done crafting for the season, pin them for next year!

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DIY Swirled Melted Crayon Ornaments

Making homemade ornaments is one of my favorite holiday traditions and every year my ornament posts are some of your absolute favorites! These gold leaf ornaments from two years ago and these glitter confetti ornaments from last year are a couple of the top ranking posts I’ve ever shared in nearly 10 years of blogging. I love that! Obviously that ups the ante though, because each year I love to bring you easy, beautiful ideas that add a little joy to your holiday season and a little beauty to your tree. Inspired by the myriad of melted crayon crafts my favorite elementary school little people have been loving this year, but with a decidedly elegant touch, I bring you these stunning melted crayon ornaments! They may just be one of the easiest ornaments I’ve ever made, easy enough for the kids to help if you them, but they are absolutely gorgeous. Inexpensive, chic and homemade? Now that is my kind of holiday craft!

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Loving Handmade Holiday Decor

I remember spending the weeks leading up to Christmas as a kid making homemade ornaments and holiday decorations with my mom. With pipe cleaner, glitter, glue, cranberries, string and big fistfuls of nuts we had the most fun crafting up holiday cheer. Years later I still find handmade holiday decorations to be irresistible. I love …

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