The Perfect Pink Wedding Dress

Dec 30

Apparently, I am just a sucker for gorgeous dresses and amazing photography today. Ok ok, clearly I’m a sucker for such things every day, but I’ve got to be honest – this dress has me rethinking everything. I’d get married and frolic around like the pretty ballerina I was clearly always intended to be in this perfect pink wedding dress which I discovered thanks to Liana at Mixed Plate. No doubt about it, this frothy pink tulle confection is the dress of my dreams. Monique, the incredible talent behind Ouma and designer of this gorgeous creation says, “…I hope you find a dress that brings out the twirling princess in you.” Oh heavens. Twirl would I ever.




{Photos by Galaxie Andrews for Ouma via Mixed Plate.}

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Pink Wedding Dress”

  1. Oh Megan, I agree. Traffic stopper, indeed. I was literally floored when I saw that first photo. Speechless, in fact, if you can imagine such a thing with me. hahaha

    Annabella, I’m thinking I might need to overnight one to myself to wear out for New Year’s, what do you think? ;-) Amazing dress, right?

  2. WOW. That first picture is a traffic stopper… I love the dress, and the way she shot it is perfection. When I get married I want to wear that dress and also be followed around by a perfectly backlit puff of dust all day… is there a way to make that happen? ;) Love it!

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