Bridal Portraits from Ava Grace Photography

Dec 30

I’m not usually the type to find myself in awe over bridal portraits, but there are exceptions to all rules and this bridal session is my exception. Spied yesterday on Wedding Chicks these photos are from Ava Grace Photography and they have left me awestruck. The lighting is so soft and ethereal, the bride looks entirely angelic. I just love how her dress looks all frothy and puddled along beside her. While I’ve never really considered myself the bridal portrait type, these photos might just make me a believer.




{Photos by Ava Grace Photography.}

3 thoughts on “Bridal Portraits from Ava Grace Photography”

    1. Thank you so very much, Emily! Your comment made my day. Happy New Year!

      Savannah, you are so very welcome! These images are stunning and it’s honor to feature them. Can’t wait to keep an eye on your blog for more!

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