Welcome Kelly

Jan 21

Studio DIY for The Sweetest Occasion

I’ve got a fun bit of news for you today! As of tomorrow morning, I am so excited to welcome Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY as a DIY contributor here at The Sweetest Occasion. Kelly consistently dreams up incredibly fun and festive party crafts that are honestly just too cute for words and I’m thrilled to have her be a part of our little team here. Make sure to pop by firs thing tomorrow for her first post where she’ll be putting you (and your hot glue gun) to work crafting fuzzy pom poms into a little something sweet. In the meantime, please give Kelly a big welcome and check out a few of her projects that I absolutely adore…

Pretty crafts by Studio DIY via The Sweetest Occasion

1: DIY fringe mylar cake toppers | 2: DIY glitter party hats | 3: DIY color blocked wood cutlery | 4: DIY candy heart balloons | 5: DIY mini waffle bowl mini cakes.

{Photos by Studio DIY.}