Color Palette: Cinnamon + Cider

Nov 5

A day late and a dollar short, but voila! A color palette for you. (Because I know you guys love them so.) There’s no denying that this week a whole bunch of us are thinking all about Thanksgiving. Oh and holiday shopping lists…but let’s hold off on that for a few days more, shall we? So naturally between dreaming up hostess gift ideas, admiring pretty centerpieces and plotting for all the holiday projects and inspiration I want to share with you in the coming weeks, this week I’m all about cozy seasonal colors. Warm shades of cinnamon, cider and walnut just feel like November, don’t they? Just looking at these images make me fall in love with fall all over again. And have me wanting to try this autumn punch cocktail. Yum!

Color Palette: Cinnamon + Cider

[Photos, from top: Monica Hines from Scout | How To: SimplifyKara Rosenlund from At Home In Love.]

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