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Posts from: March 2014

Pretty for Spring: Glitter Nails

Pretty for Spring: Glitter Nails

Approximately 100% of the time you’ll find me sporting bare nails. Between crafting, working with power tools and, as of late, painting what feels like around the clock, I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that my nails just aren’t cut out to look pretty. Also, I have freakishly long fingers and sometimes I …

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Shop By Color: Radiant Orchid

Shop By Color: Radiant Orchid

Ever since lamenting about how Radiant Orchid is very definitely not my favorite color, I have to admit that it’s totally growing on me. Especially as we head into spring months, it feels like such an easy way to add a little pop of color to your home or to your outfit. If you’re like …

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DIY Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

DIY Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

I’m so excited today to have Aimee of Made In the Fold back with us, sharing the loveliest Easter eggs! These natural dyed Easter eggs have the softest, prettiest look that feels just so organic and lovely. Aimee created them with ingredients such as blueberries and red onion skin and then went back with a …

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Three April Fools Jokes that Don't Suck | The Sweetest Occasion

Three April Fools Things

I am such a baby when it comes to April Fools jokes. As in, I hands down, 100%, no exceptions, hate them. Here’s the thing. My birthday is April 1st, which for some reason plasters you with a big huge sign on your back that screams, “Please play all the April Fools jokes on me!” As …

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From the Kitchen: Million Dollar Bacon

Million Dollar Bacon

Ok, guys. Things are about to get weird around here. Your resident vegetarian is about to break down a bacon recipe for you. It’s whatever. This is real life and in real life I share my house with meat-loving boys who graciously accommodate my veggie-eating ways so long as they get the occasional big fat dose of meat. Truth be told, this one isn’t an original. B and I saw this so-called Million Dollar Bacon (I think I’ve also seen it called Millionaire Bacon) on one of those shows we watch religiously. Was it Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives? Probably. At any rate, that was months ago and this weekend the inspiration struck to recreate it for our Sunday morning brunch based on whatever rough description they gave in the show. In short, it’s bacon that sweet with a little heat and it’s a new fan favorite around here.

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Beautiful DIY Planters | The Sweetest Occasion

Loving Spring Planters

Any day now I’m going to stop complaining about the snow. Seriously. I promise. Any day now. In an effort to make today that day, can we talk about these gorgeous DIY planters? They’re cropping up everywhere and I’ve seen so many that I absolutely love. From hanging planters to pretty little gems that will …

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What To Wear: Welcome Spring

What To Wear: Welcome Spring

It’s the first day of spring – hooray! As excited as I am that winter is at least technically out the door, I have to admit that today isn’t feeling spring-like around these parts. It’s cold, gray and spitting snow. So I’ve resigned myself to the fact that spring dresses are still a ways off, …

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Color Palette: Clover and Hellebore

Color Palette: Clover + Hellebore

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Is everyone donning your favorite green attire today? We celebrated the occasion on Saturday over dinner with friends and you can be sure I was rockin’ my favorite green dress. So today it would be completely inappropriate to have anything but a color palette full of Irish greens. Clover, hellebore …

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8 At-Home Date Night Ideas

8 At-Home Date Night Ideas

[Printable movie night tickets from Dabbles & Babbles.] Anyone getting really sick of winter? Picture me frantically waving both hands over my head and you get the picture of where I’m at with all of this winter mumbo jumbo. Just when we thought things were going to start to warm up around here, we got …

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