Friday Link Love + 3 Lucky Charms Recipes

Mar 14

Why has it never dawned on me that Lucky Charms are the perfect ingredient for any number of St. Patrick’s Day sweets? I’m seriously failing over here. Luckily for all of us, brilliant people with an affection for Lucky Charms do exist and, man, they’ve pulled out all the stops to lure in the kids with the sweet toot. (Uh, like me.) I’m going to be spending today tying up some loose ends still hanging around from our move, but I couldn’t run off for the weekend without hitting you up with three of the most inspired Lucky Charms recipes I’ve caught wind of this week. Plus your weekly dose of Friday Link Love, of course! See you here on Monday – happy weekend! xoxo

Lucky Charms Recipes | The Sweetest Occasion

[Lucky Charms Recipes: Boozy Lucky Charms milkshakes | Lucky Charms cupcakes | Lucky Charms treats.]

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