Five Last Minute Couple Costumes + Friday Link Love

Oct 31

So, real life. B and I are not typically the type who dress up for Halloween. You’re much more likely to find us wearing jeans, watching a Halloween movie and pausing it regularly to hand out candy to trick or treaters. This would explain why I’m never the blogger who gets all crazy crafting and sharing Halloween costume ideas. That said, this year we are attending a Halloween party, one where everyone dresses up. Needless to say, as is our way, we’ve kind of dragged our heels for months on this whole costume concept and now we’re up against a time crunch to come up with awesome, easy last minute costumes. Are you in the same boat? Then this post is for you! Liz over at Say Yes is, in my opinion, the queen of awesome Halloween costumes so today I’m sharing five of her amazing couple costumes, most of which you can easily pull off using things you already own with maybe a couple of additions from the thrift store or Halloween shop. Check them out and be sure to get a load of your weekly Friday Link Love. Happy Halloween, friends! Be safe and have fun! xoxo

Last Minute Couple Costumes

[James Bond + Bond Girl | Bandits | Mad Men | Punk Rockers | Moonrise Kingdom.]