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Baby Talk: 28 Weeks + What Should I Register For?

Friends, I have definitely had a week where I just need to cry uncle. I severely injured my right hand while we were camping last weekend (rope burn from a bit of a boating mishap) and, of course, I am right handed so trying to work this week has proven nearly impossible. Luckily it’s feeling much better by today, but I’ve decided it’s best to throw in the towel for the week, rest it for a couple more days over the weekend and get back at it next week. In the meantime, it’s time for a baby update! Also, I polled my family and friends on Facebook this week asking about their favorite baby-related items so I can finally start a registry and get moving on all of that stuff. That’s right. I am 28 weeks pregnant, I have no nursery and no baby registry. Help! I’d love to have you chime in with the things you’re glad you registered for or the things you wish you had or even the things you feel you could have skipped. Lend me all of your advice! Other than that, here’s wishing those of you here in the States a happy Labor Day weekend and I’ll see you back in action on Tuesday following the holiday. xoxo

Baby Talk: What to Register For with @cydconverse

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As of today I am 28 weeks pregnant and officially well into the third trimester. That happened so fast! I’m definitely starting to feel the time crunch. Like I said, the nursery is still not even really started (although we have the crib…it’s just in the box in the closet still), I’ve just now started to think about starting to register for baby goods, and basically other than the aforementioned crib and our car seat (gifts from two very awesome grandmas) we have absolutely none of what we’re going to need. You can expect a lot more baby chatter around here in the coming weeks as I work on tackling all of that stuff. In the meantime, onto a few baby-related updates!

Boy or Girl?

It turns out, we may just have the world’s most stubborn baby. You might remember that at our 20 week ultrasound we decided at the very last minute to find out the gender after being set on not finding out. We had a sleepy baby that day so we left with a “probably” and the tech wanting to confirm gender at the next ultrasound. Welp, our 24 week ultrasound rolled around and the little bugger was cross-legged the whole time and refused to offer up the goods, so we still don’t fully know if we’re having a boy or a girl. My next ultrasound is this coming week (they’re doing them frequently to monitor my placenta previa), so my fingers are crossed that we’ll finally find out! I will spill the goods as soon as we know so stand by! Here’s hoping s/he finally cooperates this week.

C-Section or No C-Section?

I mentioned in my last baby update that I was possibly looking at a c-section due to complete placenta previa. A month later, it’s looking like that’s definitely going to be the case, but we should know for sure in the next few weeks. At my ultrasound this upcoming week they’ll be taking a close look at my placenta and how much (if at all) it has moved and at that point my doctor will work with us to determine the best course of action. As of now, it looks like our little one will be coming via c-section at least a few weeks early so the race is on to, you know, get a nursery set up, acquire all the requisite baby things and get a bunch of blog content stockpiled so I can hopefully take a few weeks off when the baby comes. No biggie!


Other than the great wait to determine if we’re having a c-section or not, I have had an amazingly smooth pregnancy so far. I feel incredibly lucky and my fingers are crossed that it keeps up! To date I have had no morning sickness, no nausea, no food aversions, no cravings, no heartburn, no swelling, no aches and pains, no acne, and on and on. Yes, I am fully aware of how fortunate I am. That said, my inability to sleep has continued (which started around 17 weeks) because my hips get sore and I just can’t stay comfortable so I am starting to feel very tired again after largely enjoying lots of energy in my second trimester. Honestly, I really don’t envy the first person who tells me to “sleep while you can” because I haven’t slept in months and it’s definitely starting to catch up with me. On a day to day basis though, I feel pretty awesome and really can’t complain.

Maternity Style

I am just transitioning into maternity clothes. Crazy, I know. I popped early but was carrying very high so shirts got snug first, but I was largely still able to wear all of my normal clothes (even jeans) this whole while. At the moment I live in my pre-pregnancy maxi dresses, yoga pants with flowy tops or maternity tops, and am occasionally starting to wear maternity leggings here and there. Because I waited so long to wear anything maternity, I kept it super simple when I was shopping. Lots of black, stripes, leggings, a few colorful tops, longer camis, a handful of tunics, etc. With fall coming I was thinking about basics I could layer with my existing cardigans, scarves and blazers without having to drop a ton of dough on a new wardrobe for just a few months. I am planning to splurge on a great dress for my shower though. Any suggestions on where to shop? ASOS has an awesome maternity collection so I have my sights set there at the moment.

Give Me All of the Advice

I am still soliciting all of your advice. Whether it’s on wardrobe, registry, any tips for pre or post c-section, you name it. I’d love to hear from those of you who have walked this walk before! Things still feel very surreal and I honestly can’t believe we’re going to have a little one joining us in just a couple of months. Sometimes I am still shocked to even be pregnant! So trust me, I need all the advice you can give me. Fire away!


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Alicia D

Friday 4th of September 2015

Check out Dreams & Drool Shop for beautiful organic crib blankets, she's out of Sackets Harbor, NY!


Friday 4th of September 2015

Oh my gosh was a stubborn little babe! Hope you find out the gender soon! And the registry is SO overwhelming. All I've done is sign up for BabyList. I'll be checking back on this post to see if anyone leaves any good tips! Oh and hope your hand gets better soon :) XO

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