Snapshots: Life Lately

Jun 19

I just realized it’s been a while again since I shared some of my Instagram snapshots and today seemed like the perfect day! Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling, spending time with family and friends, and soaking up as much fun in the sun as I can. I just love summer, don’t you? Here are a few behind the scenes snippets from the last couple of months!

Breakfast. Poached eggs over whole grain sourdough toast. Made for me by one of my favoritest people.

A growler of Amber Ale from Empire Brewing Co. – the perfect housewarming gift for a very good friend!

Tastiness while visiting one of my best buds out on the Massachusetts coast in May.

The rocky coastline in Gloucester, Mass. Love!

Woah! Super tasty moonshine cherries. Delicious!

A yummy margarita at my mom’s fifth annual margarita party over Memorial Day weekend.

Hello, adorable alpaca! Spied at a local flea market.

The second annual Ryan Converse Memorial Golf Tournament, held this past weekend.

Green balloons!

An absolutely unsurpassed, gorgeous Saturday out on the boat.

Toes in the water and my favorite summer snack – cheese curd!

{Photos by @cydconverse on Instagram.}