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Whatever it is about the holidays, I become a total Instagram junkie this time of year. I guess you can call me a sucker for an excessive number of photos of Christmas lights, homemade ornaments and cups of cocoa. Like a good holiday movie, I just can’t get enough of catching a glimpse of how people are celebrating. Maybe it’s simply that seeing all the incredible joy this time of year inspires just makes me so damn happy. Basically, I’m a big Christmas season nerd and I can’t fight it! Today I’m sharing 10 seriously inspiring Instagram accounts you absolutely need to be following this time of year! Prepare yourself for an influx of gift ideas, recipes, cocktails and Christmas trees. While you’re at, be sure to give me a follow, too, if you’re not already! In addition to new posts I also share glimpses of favorite holiday posts from the archives, my personal holiday season adventures, and cute photos of my sweet little kid, too.

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Happy happy Friday, friends! How has everyone’s week been? We had a couple of rooms in our new place painted this week so things are still largely unsettled around here, but I’m looking forward to taking time over the weekend to unpack, roll out rugs, hang stuff on the walls and all that fun post-moving …

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I’ve mentioned it in passing a couple of months ago, but over the holidays I decided to start doing things a little differently over on Instagram. When Instagram first became I thing, I primarily used it on more of a personal level and truthfully, I’ve always been way more of a Pinterest junkie over everything …

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