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Mar 10

I’ve mentioned it in passing a couple of months ago, but over the holidays I decided to start doing things a little differently over on Instagram. When Instagram first became I thing, I primarily used it on more of a personal level and truthfully, I’ve always been way more of a Pinterest junkie over everything else. Then it became very obvious that people are completely Instagram-crazed and I realized that I had kind of missed the boat and that maybe The Sweetest Occasion needed a dedicated Instagram profile. So, that’s what I did! You can now follow The Sweetest Occasion on Instagram, where I share all kinds of DIY, food, recipe, decor and travel related things. Also, don’t forget that all year long I’ll be stalking the #thesweetestoccasion hashtag and randomly selecting a follower each month to win a fun little giveaway! So follow along, tag me with your recipes and DIY creations or just share your favorite everyday moments. So pop over and say hi, would ya? I’m excited to hang out with you there!

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[Photos from The Sweetest Occasion on Instagram.]

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