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Posts from: September 2015

10 Super Stylish Diaper Bags by @cydconverse

10 Super Stylish Diaper Bags

An alternate title to this post would absolutely have to be, “10 Diaper Bags that Don’t Suck.” Because, honestly, diaper bags in general definitely seem to suck. Most of them seem to be made of plastic-like nylon and even more of them are plastered with juvenile cartoon and floral prints that just don’t cut it …

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DIY Ombre Flour Sack Towels by @cydconverse

DIY Ombre Flour Sack Towels

Remember a few months ago when I dyed some shibori onesies and then made the world’s prettiest dip dyed tote bags? (Um, even if I do say so myself.) Well, I wasn’t lying when I promised that I was quickly becoming obsessed with dyeing things. As in, every thing. Today I’m sharing these pretty DIY ombre …

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DIY Gold Leaf Frame by @cydconverse

DIY Gold Leaf Frame

Ever a lover of all things gold leaf, I recently decided to jazz up a plain, simple white frame with a bit of a metallic touch. I’d had this pineapple photograph print (by Ez Pudewa of Petit Pippin) for going on a year and a half (or honestly it may have been closer to two …

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12 Favorite Instagram Accounts from @cydconverse

12 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Happy Monday, friends! So here’s the deal. Are you following me on Instagram yet? I may or may not have spilled the beans on the gender of our little nugget over there last week! We are so excited that at last week’s ultrasound (after three attempts) the little one finally cooperated and showed us the …

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DIY Glitter Football Helmets by @cydconverse

DIY Glitter Football Helmets

Well, I’m entirely unsure as to how it happened in an instant, but Labor Day has come and gone and it’s officially time to gear up for football season! We’re big football fans in this house, mainly NFL, but we do enjoy a good college game, too. (Also, we have a football player of our …

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