10 Super Stylish Diaper Bags

Sep 23

An alternate title to this post would absolutely have to be, “10 Diaper Bags that Don’t Suck.” Because, honestly, diaper bags in general definitely seem to suck. Most of them seem to be made of plastic-like nylon and even more of them are plastered with juvenile cartoon and floral prints that just don’t cut it for me. Over the last week or so I’ve been on the hunt for a great bag. I’m not too concerned with it being a diaper bag by name so long as it’s functional and also looks like something I would carry even if I weren’t toting a cute little baby around with me. Now if you happen to be in the $400 – 500 price range and up, there are quite a few super stylish diaper bags, but that’s just not going to work for me. All of these are under $300, which I realize is still a stretch for a lot of us (so there are a few here that are under $100), but for me I’m comfortable paying a bit more for a bag that is going to be heavily used for a couple of years at least. Especially if it checks all the boxes of being functional, durable and gorgeous. Ok, spill the beans! Any diaper bag recommendations? (Or great bags that can easily double as a diaper bag?)

10 Super Stylish Diaper Bags by @cydconverse


[SHOP | 1: Millie Black and White Stripe Tote, $59.95 | 2: Madewell Transport Tote, $168 | 3: Lo & Sons OMG Bag, $275 | 4: Juju Be Anchor Bag, $180 | 5:  Mia Bossi Emma Bag, $210 | 6: JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, $77.95 | 7: Storksak Noa Canvas Diaper Bag, $142 | 8: Timi & Leslie Metro Messenger Bag, $99.99 | 9: Storksak Diaper Tote, $142 | 10: Timi & Leslie Charlie Bag, $159.99]

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