10 Super Stylish Diaper Bags

Sep 23

An alternate title to this post would absolutely have to be, “10 Diaper Bags that Don’t Suck.” Because, honestly, diaper bags in general definitely seem to suck. Most of them seem to be made of plastic-like nylon and even more of them are plastered with juvenile cartoon and floral prints that just don’t cut it for me. Over the last week or so I’ve been on the hunt for a great bag. I’m not too concerned with it being a diaper bag by name so long as it’s functional and also looks like something I would carry even if I weren’t toting a cute little baby around with me. Now if you happen to be in the $400 – 500 price range and up, there are quite a few super stylish diaper bags, but that’s just not going to work for me. All of these are under $300, which I realize is still a stretch for a lot of us (so there are a few here that are under $100), but for me I’m comfortable paying a bit more for a bag that is going to be heavily used for a couple of years at least. Especially if it checks all the boxes of being functional, durable and gorgeous. Ok, spill the beans! Any diaper bag recommendations? (Or great bags that can easily double as a diaper bag?)

10 Super Stylish Diaper Bags by @cydconverse


[SHOP | 1: Millie Black and White Stripe Tote, $59.95 | 2: Madewell Transport Tote, $168 | 3: Lo & Sons OMG Bag, $275 | 4: Juju Be Anchor Bag, $180 | 5:  Mia Bossi Emma Bag, $210 | 6: JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, $77.95 | 7: Storksak Noa Canvas Diaper Bag, $142 | 8: Timi & Leslie Metro Messenger Bag, $99.99 | 9: Storksak Diaper Tote, $142 | 10: Timi & Leslie Charlie Bag, $159.99]

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17 thoughts on “10 Super Stylish Diaper Bags”

  1. Nice Cyd, I like your choices. I’m leaning towards an actual diaper bag just because I figure there are more specific baby related pockets and storage in them than a regular bag, though I love the idea of something that doesn’t look like a diaper bag…
    We’re currently registered for this one…http://www.target.com/p/skip-hop-duo-signature-diaper-bag-heather-grey/-/A-14723354?clkid=43aa8985N92bdc7f716d41c72a7d99af1&lnm=81938&afid=BabyList+Inc&ref=tgt_adv_xasd0002
    And I’m thinking of this one for traveling because it looks like it would be easy to pack in the bag and pull out when you get there…http://bokenessentials.com/collections/every-day-bags/products/every-day-bag-slate?variant=783057903

    1. I agree, Amy! I can make a case for a normal tote being perfectly functional, but the more research I do the more I do think an actual diaper bag might be the way to go, at least for the year or so. I’m kind of crazy about the Timi & Leslie bags for that reason! There is a Skip Hop bag I love though, similar to the style as the one you’re registered for, but it’s an aztec print. It’s so good! http://www.target.com/p/skip-hop-duo-special-edition-diaper-bag-aztec/-/A-15756279#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=skip+hope+duo+aztec I do agree that the Boken one looks awesome for travel – I’ve been kind of eyeing a LeSportsac baby travel bag for the same purpose.

  2. You should check out Lily Jade!! Looks like a gorgeous leather handbag on the outside but all the functionality of a diaper bag on the inside!!

    1. I am definitely going to look into Lily Jade, Andrea! Thanks for the recommendation! I definitely love the leather handbag look on the outside, diaper party on the inside thing.

  3. stylish yes, but would be totally ruined by one spill or poopy diaper explosion. As Amon of three at the beginning you definitely needed pockets and something easy to clean that also has a place for a changing pad that will be separated when it gets covered in poop. Trust me it will.

    1. I definitely agree, Carol! Surprisingly, many of these actually are diaper bags – they’re just styled more like a handbag on the outside! Your point is actually why I’m leaning toward an actual diaper bag – the compartments, the waterproof linings, the ease of cleaning, etc. I appreciate your input! Poop is absolutely no joke.

    1. Thanks, Amy! And, yes, that’s actually kind of my plan. I’m thinking I’ll just move into one bag for the short term, throw my keys/wallet/lip gloss in the diaper bag, unless I have a rare outing sans baby. About a year ago I downsized from being a perpetual big handbag kind of lady to a small purse and I have LOVED carrying a smaller, lighter bag. Sizing back up isn’t really what I want to do, but babies have their own damn agendas. lol

  4. I never bought a diaper bag and opted to use one of the many large purses I had lying around. I’ve now switched to a purse-like tote. My must-haves for any bag that needs to carry baby stuff are: it has to stand up on its own (you WILL rifle through it at some point with one hand while trying to hold on to a wriggly baby with the other); it has to have an easy-to-get-to zippered pocket for MY stuff — wallet, keys, chapstick; it has to be easy to open and close (like with one hand) AND look good if I leave it open so it has to be deep enough to hide all the stuff I’ve got in there (there are a lot of times when, after said rifling, I forget to close the bag up); and it needs to work with all of my outfits.

    It also really depends on the baby, but I’ve only had to carry lots of snacks, one or two small toys, water, a small changing pad (I keep it rolled up on the bottom), a small pack of wipes (multi-purpose), and 1 spare diaper. Have there been times I’ve wished I had a change of clothes and more than one diaper? Sure. But that’s only been maybe twice in 18 months! Generally, if it’s an emergency, I’m in the city, I can find what I need pretty much anywhere I am.

    Some of those options are a definite no-go for me. 1, 9, and 5 look like maybes! 2 is a strong contender!

  5. Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo featured this cute little backpack diaper bag a while back: http://cupofjo.com/2015/06/storq-diaper-bag-backpack/

    I wasn’t even pregnant at the time and I pinned it for later. I love the idea of being completely hands free…even more than a messenger type strap would probably allow you to be. PLUS, if it’s something my husband would happily carry, sign.me.up. The basic black isn’t super interesting, but this company had a cute red one http://www.okkatots.bigcartel.com/category/diaper-bags

    I’m only in my second trimester so I don’t speak from experience, but I love the idea.

    1. Thanks, Kinsey! I use a Kelly Moore bag for my camera and laptop, but never thought of one for a diaper bag. Great idea!

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