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Baby Talk: 30 Weeks + Baby Registry Essentials

Happy Friday, sweet friends! Now that we’re getting closer, I thought I’d bump up the frequency of my baby updates. No worries, I still have zero intention of inundating you with baby stuff all the time, but I know how many questions I’ve had about, well, everything (and how much I’ve been researching and how many YouTube videos I’ve been watching), so I’m hoping that sharing my experience and planning process will be useful for some of you. So, the invitations for my baby shower were mailed this week! Most people should be receiving them in the mail today or tomorrow, so in advance of that I made sure to really research and plan out our baby registry. Today I am sharing some of the baby registry essentials that we settled on after compiling B’s experience being a dad (which is honestly so helpful) and consulting with friends who are already pros at baby-rearing themselves. Is there anything you would add to the list? I’d love to know what baby essentials you could not live without! Enlighten me. Please!

Baby Registry Essentials from @cydconverse

[For information and shopping links, be sure to click through to check out all the details after the jump!]


I’m not sure what it is about the number 30, but this week definitely feels like the start of the home stretch! I’m starting to get a bit more anxious overall, especially surrounding when and how our little one will make their arrival. The inability to really plan or know what is going to happen or when is admittedly starting to drive me a bit batty. For now I’m content to have the little nugget stay right in place for a bit longer, but I am definitely feeling the [self-afflicted] pressure to get a lot done over the next month. 30 weeks! I swear that happened in a flash.

It’s a Girl!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll  likely have seen that last week we were finally able to confirm gender. It’s a girl! We’ve pretty much known since 20 weeks, but had a hard time confirming it due to a sleepy baby at 20 weeks and a cross-legged baby at 24 weeks, so we decided to keep it under wraps until we knew for sure. Honestly, I pretty much knew immediately after we found out we were expecting. Even when we would toss around baby names, there was always a voice in the back of my head telling me we were wasting our time even talking about boy names. Speaking of, we do have a name picked out (although we’re still settling on her middle name), but we won’t be sharing that with anyone until after she’s here. (I am crazy superstitious about that kind of thing!)

To C-Section or Not to C-Section?

Following full ultrasounds at 20, 24 and 29 weeks, we’re still looking at a c-section. My placenta has shifted some but as of yet not enough to clear me for vaginal delivery, plus the baby is breech at the moment. (Breech babies are pretty common with placenta previa, so that wasn’t entirely unexpected.) My next OB appointment will be next week, just shy of 31 weeks, at which time we’ll be starting to put together a more firmed up plan of action with our doctor. At this point, I am trying to double down on work so I can prepare to be laid up for a couple of weeks while I’m recovering. Any tips or advice?


And, of course, this is the part where I annoy all of you moms who have come before me by reporting that I still have had about zero symptoms. The continued issues with sleeping and discomfort in my hips (especially when I’m horizontal for longer than an hour or two) persist, but otherwise I feel great. No swelling, no aches or pains, no heartburn, no nada. The heat gets to me now that I’m getting further along, so I’ve been enjoying our occasional bursts of more temperate weather as fall sneaks into the picture. And I am definitely having more days where I feel more tired in general again, but by and large, other than one very stubborn placenta, I am kind of having a dream pregnancy so far. Knock on wood!

Coming Up

My baby shower is just under a month away and I’ve also seriously kicked the planning and organizing into high gear when it comes to the nursery. Several pieces have been selected and ordered, and we’re actually going to start clearing the room and putting the crib together this weekend. You can expect to see full details about both the shower and the nursery in the next month or two! I am sure I’ll be sharing sneak peeks on Instagram in the meantime, but you can rest assured that I will be documenting and posting about all the details. Stay tuned!


1. Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet – Knowing the baby will be sleeping in our room for a month or two, a bassinet was a must. We chose this one because it’s lightweight and super portable so it makes for easy travel, too. Also, it has a clean, simple design that I really dig.
2. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair – The space saving nature of this high chair makes it a win for us. Plus, the price is pretty outstanding, too. Bonus points for the cute color and pattern options!
3. Socks – Because babies like warm feet. Also, because if the big kiddos are any indication, our house apparently eats socks so we need all of them we can get. (Also, I just really love all the basics at Baby Gap.)
4. Aden + Anais Muslin Lovey – I’m all about gorgeous toys for baby and kids, so this pretty muslin lovey fits the bill. Plus, I know a lot of babies just love a good lovey.
5. Keekaroo Peanut Changer – The price on this bad boy has me debating it, however I love the idea of a changing pad that is slip-free and doesn’t require covers making mess clean-up a breeze. Maybe it’s worth it?
6. Babyganics Baby Shampoo + Body Wash – We’ve decided to start the baby off with Babyganics products, because we both have sensitive skin (so our kid likely will, too) and we want something that’s paraben and sulfate-free. Hopefully this will agree with her, and if not we’ll give something else a try. Any suggestions?
7. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier – I know babies have their own thoughts when it comes to pacifiers, but I figured we’d start with a few of these on the registry. They come in fun colors and they’re BPA-free. I’ll take it!
8. Nuna Mixx Stroller – One of the first things I settled on was my love for this stroller. It has a high end design that I dig, but it’s less expensive than most luxury brands. It’s light weight, has loads of great features and it’s convertible, making it perfect from the newborn stage up to 50 pounds. So many wins here!
9. Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor – We decided on a video monitor because the baby will be with me during the day for hopefully the first year. I’m hoping the video monitor will help me to know if I need to take a break in my work or if she’s awake but still content to play by herself for a bit before I stop what I’m doing.
10. Baby Bath Tub – There are so many bath tub options out there, but I really think simple is best for us in this department. We have a super deep sink in the kitchen so honestly I imagine a lot of her baths happening there at first, then we’ll move up to this very basic but functional tub.
11. OXO Tot PerfectPull Wipes Dispenser – Wipe warmers seem to get a lot of mixed reviews, but most people I know give them a thumbs down. I do love the idea of a simple dispenser, and this one gets rave reviews!
12. Newborn Onesies – Because I know she won’t live in much else at first, I made sure to register for some very basic newborn onesies, hoping to save most of the cuter onesies and outfits for when she’s a bit bigger. Onesies, sleepers, pajamas. That’s the plan for the first couple months!
13. Bumbo Floor Seat – Some people will contend that a baby seat such as the Bumbo is useless and they might be right. That said, I’ve given several as baby shower gifts, all to parents who ended up loving their Bumbo, so I decided to register for one as well.
14. Vicks Digital Thermometer Pacifier – People keep telling me you need like a million thermometers, all of different varieties. I’m still wrapping my head around that one, but in the meantime I think this pacifier thermometer is kind of brilliant.
15. Oil Diffuser – A sweet friend of mine recommended having a great oil diffuser for warming lavender oil at night time in the nursery. We’re really into essential oils anyway so this made a ton of sense to me. I love the clean design of this one and the fact that it has two settings for controlling the strength of the fragrance.
16. Newborn Mittens – I’m going to try a few different kinds, but newborn mittens are one of those obvious musts. Also, babies in mittens are just adorable.
17. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddles – As soon as you’re pregnant you’ll hear everyone raving about Aden + Anais swaddles, and with good reason. They’re soft, lovely and feature the loveliest colors and patterns.
18. 4moms mamaRoo Infant Seat – The mamaRoo is another one of those baby products you’ll hear a lot about. I have a couple of friends who swear by it as both a sleeper and a swing, so we’re going to give it a go! It plays white noise (or you can sync up your phone via bluetooth to play music) and has several different motions and speeds so you can keep baby nice and content.
19. Baby Bath Robe – Because is there anything more adorable than a baby bath robe? We’ll use this in addition to the standard hooded bath towels.
20. Ubbi Diaper Pail – The Ubbi is a bit more expensive than some diaper pails, but it has one strong advantage that made it the winner for me – it can take any standard trash bag, no expensive refills required. (Also, it comes in loads of great colors!)
21. Wooden Kid’s Hangers – Little people require little hangers! And, if you’re crazy like me, you run a household sans plastic hangers, making these classic, sturdy wooden hangers a great pick.
22. Bum Genius Freetime Cloth Diapers – Yes, we are planning to cloth diaper! Not during the newborn phase when we’ll use disposables, but by the time she’s 6 – 8 weeks we’re hoping to transition over. I’ve done a lot of research and I think these one-size all-in-one diapers will be the best choice for us, but I’d love all of your cloth diapering suggestions if you have them!
23. Cybex Aton Q Infant Car Seat – I researched car seats like they were going out of style a few months back and finally settled on this beauty from Cybex. The key reason is the size. It features an ergonomic design that allows it to have a smaller base, making it a great fit for smaller cards. (B and I both drive VWs and we have no interest in trading either for a larger vehicle.) It also has loads of superior safety features, a sleek design and awesome colors. B’s mom actually already bought this for us and we are super impressed with it and how it fits in both of our cars!


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Thursday 24th of September 2015

We cloth diaper our 6 month old (we started at about 4-6 wks) and love it! My husband was skeptical at first but loves it now. We use Bumgenius AIO and pocket-style. (We have 1 bum genius organic, but I'm not a fan of it) Initially we had 6 pocket-style and the rest AIO, because I heard about the long drying time of the AIO. I ended up exchanging 4 of the pocket style for AIOs because I hated stuffing them when they came out of the laundry. I kept 2 just in case we didn't get laundry done in time and needed the quick dry of the pocket style, but it's never been an issue at all. We have 20 diapers and wash them every 2-3 days, but a friend cloth diapered with 10 and just did laundry every day. We tried different cloth wipes but the ones that work best for us are just the inexpensive baby wash cloths with Honest's soothing bottom wash or Kissaluvs diaper potion. We use Honest wipes when we're out. We also use the Grovia diaper liners that are so great for #2's. Congratulations! Looking forward to more baby posts! :)

Cyd Converse

Thursday 24th of September 2015

Thank you, Lauren! And I am so appreciative of the cloth diapering input! I am doing tons of research right now, trying to figure out which direction we want to go to start. I'm thinking of starting off with some of the Charlie Banana pocket diapers and some BumGenius AIO to see which works better for us. I hate laundry as a rule so I feel like I might be made for the AIOs, but I've heard such awesome things about the pockets that I feel like maybe I should try both and see how it goes. So many diaper decisions to make! lol

PJ | A Girl Named PJ

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

My parents have a Fisher-Price SpaceSaving highchair for when the grandkids come to visit (although not in that pretty pattern!), and it works just fine! Another space-saving idea is to get one of those portable seats that clip onto the table. They're normally meant for traveling, but my friend used hers at home all the time.

Baby Gap socks are an excellent choice. They stay on the best.

We received a mamaRoo infant seat, but Asa didn't take to it. Sadly, he preferred the back and forth motion of the ugly but effective Fisher-Price swing.

That Motorola video baby monitor is THE BEST. I've seen a bunch of different ones in use at friends' houses, and none had as good a picture as our Motorola. Good choice.

Three things I don't think are necessary? The baby bath robe (hooded towels are just fine!), the baby wipes warmer (your kiddo won't really care), and that pacifier thermometer. They're a pain the ass (pun intended), but rectal thermometers give the most accurate results. We got a super fancy forehead thermometer as a gift when Asa was born but only use it to ballpark his temperature. If a doctor wants an accurate reading, rectal is the way to go.

Cyd Converse

Thursday 24th of September 2015

Thanks for the awesome feedback, PJ! I'm pretty sure I'm destined to have a kid who hates whatever we buy for her, so I see myself having to return or sell basically everything we end up with in terms of swings, seats, bouncers, etc. lol Murphy's Law, right? ;-) At any rate, I so appreciate all of this input! I still can't even believe we're having a baby. lol xoxoxo


Saturday 19th of September 2015

You will love cloth diapers! They are so so easy. Another tip, you can buy these disposable liners that are super thin to line them with and it also protects the diapers from being stained too badly and makes clean up that much easier!

And I just saw the diaper pail you listed at buy buy baby today and they have a cloth diaper reusable liner for it!

The breastfeeding book I've seen recommended most is The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by Diana West. I haven't read it but it's recommended often on the local BF listserv I'm on. I was able to attend a group led by an IBCLC and learned so much about nursing after my first daughter was born. If you do decide to try breastfeeding and have specific concerns, I recommend reaching out to a lactation consultant before your daughter is born. Breastfeeding is unfortunately one of those things where the longer you go without success, the harder it is to recover. But you can always supplement or formula-feed and know your baby will thrive! :)

Cyd Converse

Sunday 20th of September 2015

Morgan, again, you are a lifesaver. I am going to see about getting that book right away and educate myself a bit more. ;-) Also, I was wondering about some kind of reusable liner for the Ubbi or if I could make one (aka beg my awesome seamstress of a step sister to make one lol) as we do have younger toddlers in the house quite a bit (my step kiddos are here weekends and our niece is also here frequently) who love to get into EVERYTHING so the trap door of the Ubbi is super appealing to me. So in other words, thank you so much! I am going to look into that right away. All of your advice is so helpful, I can't thank you enough! I am renewed in my excitement for cloth diapering, I look forward to proving to people it isn't some major life altering decision. ;-) xoxoxo


Saturday 19th of September 2015

Still SO happy you are feelin' good! Sending you happy thoughts that it continues for the rest of the pregnancy :) Loving the list you put together and wanted to add a couple thoughts. Socks - The ones from Hanna Anderson are incredible. They STAY on without being way too tight. Absolutely worth it. Robes - Love the ones from Pottery Barn Kids. Definitely a fun thing to register for! And oh my goodness they have a unicorn one now! Onesies/Newborn clothes - I was (am) definitely in the same camp about keeping it simple when we brought Graham home. A friend recommended to load up more on kimono/side-snap tops than onesies, and I am SO glad I did! No trying to pull something over his head (something my husband still hates doing). Many of them also came with the mitten hands on them so I actually returned all the baby mittens we got. I had a difficult time finding them (though now it seems like Carter's and H&M have started carrying some) and stocked up on the plain gerber side-snaps: ALSO, oh my goodness the magnetic clothing from Magnificent Baby is SO INCREDIBLY EASY. No buttons, no snaps, no pulling things over's magnificent :) It runs big though so even the newborn stuff is still big on Graham (almost 10lbs). Mamaroo/Rock n Play/Etc - I know you don't want both a dear friend once said to me, "babies are jerks." :) Meaning, you could do hours of research on this one but at 3am when you break it out because she is howling, she may decide to laugh in your face at all your hard work and continue to scream her head off in whatever you have so carefully picked out. Moral of the story: keep tags on for all bouncer/swing purchases since all babies are different. The price/portability factor of the Rock n Play made it a choice for us and then we also splurged and got a Nuna Leaf (we liked that it didn't have any cords/batteries and would last longer than the Mamaroo). It's nice to pick up the Rock n Play and bring it anywhere it the house, while the Leaf (and I would assume the Mamaroo) is a pain to move around (meaning: two hands, lol). That being said, Graham doesn't really like either and I ended up getting the BabyBjorn Bouncer instead (that he LOVES). I'm sure (hoping) he'll like the Leaf eventually (weight limit up to 130 lbs) so I don't feel bad getting it instead of the Mamaroo. Hah, not sure any of that helps at all? But yeah. Keep boxes/receipts. Love that bassinet you picked out! Seems like it would be easy to move around the house too in case you want to bring her into another room to sleep (especially when company comes over and wants to see her but you'd prefer them to not hang out in your bedroom). Best wishes for a happy and healthy remainder of your pregnancy! Looking forward to hearing more updates and let me know if you have any questions at all! I'm still new and don't know a whole lot, but since I'm pretty new in the trenches it's all very fresh in my mind! :) <3

Cyd Converse

Sunday 20th of September 2015

Christen - THANK YOU! You are the best. Such good advice and I am now going to be stalking all of this stuff. I am slowing coming to terms and finding peace with the fact that I probably can only do so much to keep baby gear to a minimum. It just all feels super excessive (we have been trying so hard over the last few years to only purchase things we truly need or love), that I can definitely say I've been very resistant to the idea of coming home from the shower with enough gear and supplies for an entire day care, but I suppose that's how it goes to some extent, right? My hope is that anything we can't return if she hates it can be sold and put toward purchasing things she'll need later on as she hits the toddler stage and beyond. At any rate, thank you for all of the awesome suggestions and input! xoxoxo


Saturday 19th of September 2015

One baby item that I love is the Ciao Baby portable high chair. You won't use it until the babe is 6 months + but if you're on the go like me it's fantastic. We use it camping, tailgating, at friends/grandparents houses, we've even used it in restaurants. It's my go to gift for all of my expecting friends!

Cyd Converse

Sunday 20th of September 2015

Jen, the Ciao Baby portable high chair is brilliant! Thank you so much for introducing it to me. It's like a baby camp chair! We love camping and do a lot of outdoor parties with friends and family so I think we'd get a lot of use out of it...definitely adding it to our registry now. Thanks! xoxoxo

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