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21 Super Tasty + Equally Easy Summer Party Appetizers

Easy Summer Appetizers: Four Awesome Party Dip Recipes

One of the most popular requests I receive (both here, on Instagram and from my friends and family) is for more party appetizers! People love an easy party appetizer recipe, so I decided I would take a moment today to round up 21 of the best summer appetizers perfect for all your upcoming summer parties.
1. Four easy party dip recipes [above]

Easy Summer Party Appetizers

I like my summer party appetizers to be easy and low or no cook. Meaning, I don’t like to heat my kitchen up anymore than absolutely necessary so I’m all about party dips, appetizer skewers and easy salsa recipes.

The ultimate party appetizer: a hummus platter (An easy summer appetizer!)

2. The ultimate hummus platter 
This hummus platter is one of my favorite summer appetizers! You don’t have to cook anything – you barely even have to chop!

Party Appetizers: Strawberry Salsa Recipe (An easy summer appetizer!)

3. Strawberry salsa
Who doesn’t love a twist on a classic salsa recipe? This strawberry version is so fresh!

Summer Appetizers: Mac and Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers Recipe - Easy Party Appetizers

4. Mac and cheese stuffed jalapeño poppers
I make my easy jalapeño poppers in the oven in the winter, but in the summer I make them on the grill! They’re even tastier.

Roasted Chili Pepper Guacamole

5. Roasted chili pepper guacamole
Summer isn’t summer without the best guacamole recipe! I present this one for your consideration.

Summer Appetizers: Easy Citrus Grilled Shrimp Skewers

6. Easy citrus grilled shrimp skewers
While I eat vegetarian 98% of the time, sometimes I make an exception for a really great grilled shrimp skewer!

Party Appetizers: Caprese Salad Board (An easy summer appetizer!)

7. Caprese salad board
Take your cheese and crackers game to the next level with this easy caprese salad board!

Summer Appetizers: Easy Pico de Gallo Recipe - Easy Party Appetizers

8. Greek Pico de Gallo Recipe
Fresh pico de gallo gets a Greek twist and I’m here for this easy summer party appetizer!

Party Appetizers: Beet Hummus Recipe (An easy summer appetizer!)

9. Beet hummus
You can never go wrong with a good hummus recipe, but this beet hummus is at another level!

Party Appetizers: Blackberry Caprese Skewers Board (An easy summer appetizer!)

10. Blackberry caprese skewers
No-cook appetizer skewers are my favorite! These blackberry caprese skewers are a huge hit.

Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe with balsamic glaze

11. Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe with balsamic glaze
I’ll personally pass on the prosciutto here, but for you prosciutto fans, this is a must try party appetizer!

Party Appetizers: An Olive Oil Dipping Station

12. A bread and olive oil dipping station
Every good party needs a carb loading station, which is why I shared how to make this bread and olive oil dipping spread!

Mediterranean Veggie Flatbread Recipe

13. Mediterranean veggie flatbread
Arguably the easiest veggie flatbread recipe, one of my family’s favorite party appetizer recipes!

Summer appetizers: Grilled veggies with whipped feta

14. Marinated grilled veggies with whipped feta
A platter of grilled veggies paired with the perfect dipping scenario makes for a perfect summer appetizer.

Party Appetizers: Strawberry Feta Bruschetta

15. Strawberry feta bruschetta 
Put strawberry on all the things, I say! Including my favorite strawberry feta bruschetta recipe.

Summer Appetizers: Goat Cheese Spread Recipe - Easy Party Appetizers

16. Whipped goat cheese spread
You had me at whipped goat cheese! Add crostini and you’ve got a super easy appetizer recipe.

Vegan Appetizers: Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

17. Roasted cauliflower hummus 
Throwing this one out there for all of your paleo appetizer and vegan appetizer needs! Yum!

Easy Summer Appetizers: Best Deviled Eggs Recipe

18. Red pepper and chive deviled eggs
You can never go wrong with a great deviled egg recipe! I love adding chives and red bell pepper.

Summer Appetizers: Tomato Tart Recipe - Easy Party Appetizers

19. Tomato tart recipe
Tiny tarts topped with tomatoes? This is my kind of party appetizer!

Easy Appetizers: Caramelized Onion and Cream Cheese Stuffed Peppers

20. Caramelized onion and cream cheese stuffed peppers 
Little peppers stuffed with caramelized onions and cream cheese make a great no-cook appetizer!

Ricotta and white bean dip with roasted tomatoes

21. Ricotta white bean dip with roasted tomatoes
I am all about the party dip life – this ricotta and white bean dip is sensational!

My Easy Summer Party Tips

  1. Serve a spread of great party appetizers and skip the fuss of a full meal!
  2. Make up a couple of pitcher cocktail recipes to make beverage service a breeze.
  3. Create a great summer playlist and dance all night!

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