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Peach wedding

Party Palette: Apricot + Pewter

Good morning and a happy Monday to you! I have to admit to being totally obsessed with this morning’s color palette. Gray and peachy apricot is a pretty timeless combination, but I love how it takes on the loveliest fall vibe when combined with richer shades reminiscent of seasonal foliage. So beautiful, don’t you think? Dreaming up …

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Brittany + Matt: A Backyard Fall Wedding

There’s just something so pretty about Brittany and Matt’s lovely fall wedding, which was held in her grandparents’ backyard. I’m loving that that they served up deep dish pizza (Matt’s favorite) and sent guests home with homemade honey as favors. A make-your-own soda station and a pleasantly unexpected fall color palette of gray, peach and …

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Party Palette: Lavender + Blush

If you’re like me and love pink and purple, but don’t tend to daydream in bubble gum and unicorns, this color palette is for you! It’s all about soft, dreamy shades of blush and papaya with the loveliest hint of purple. Think pretty lavender and lilac and pinks that are completely sophisticated. It’s super girly, …

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Party Palette: Clementine + Watermelon

Everyone has been loving the weekly color palettes so much lately, I decided to pull together an extra one this week. Behold – gorgeous shades of goldenrod, clementine and watermelon! Ok, I admit I am still loving the heck out of all shades of peach and coral. Here I love the richer, more saturated hues, …

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Party Palette: Nectarine + Granny Smith

This week’s color palette is all about fresh, pretty color. Think a hopelessly romantic garden wedding with a timeless yet modern pairing of peach and green. Sometimes I just can’t enough of soft, understated elegance and today is definitely one of those days when I was inspired by classic beauty. {top. Fabio Bartelt. left. Charleystar …

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