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It was my dad who first introduced me to the beauty of really good gin cocktails. Late in my college career, I’d go home summers to work an internship at a local architecture firm. My dad and I would often meet on the back porch in the evening after work and he’d make us each a perfect gin and tonic. Perfectly refreshing. Perfectly summer. I’ve been a gin fan ever since. But today I’ve upped the game on the classic gin and tonic with these blueberry beet slushies made with Prairie Organic gin. They may just be the single tastiest cocktail I’ve ever concocted and with blueberries currently in season, you’re going to want to fire up that blender!

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When I was in college my father introduced me to the delicious beauty of a gin and tonic, and it quickly became my go-to cocktail, especially in the heat of summer. I’d come home from a long day working my summer internship and we’d convene on the back deck with a cocktail each, feet propped up …

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