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As a vegetarian I tend to love Thanksgiving sides best of all. Have you tried my vegetarian stuffing yet?! It’s insanely good. But these? These scalloped sweet potatoes are epic. They’re creamy and the right blend of salty and sweet from the mix of cheeses and sweet potatoes. Best part is, you can prep them the night before and just pop them into the oven when it’s time.

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Well, my friends, it’s about that time! I know many of you are rushing off to start prepping for tomorrow’s big feast. If you’re on the hunt for great Thanksgiving ideas (whether it be food, cocktails, or decor) pop over and follow me on Pinterest where I’ve been pinning some of my favorite Thanksgiving finds …

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Today we’re kicking off a whole lot of Thanksgiving love around here for those of you who are hosting the annual feast for your loved ones. To get things going in appropriate fashion, this morning the amazing ladies of the newly launched Confetti Pop are sharing a beautiful golden and jewel-toned Thanksgiving table. I absolutely …

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