Vintage Ephemera Inspiration from A Creative Mint

Oct 8

Hands down one of my favorite blogs of late is A Creative Mint. Leslie’s blog is so much more than just a blog, really more of a delightfully pretty scrapbook of inspiration and projects. While her vignettes and photos are lovely in and of themselves, I love the idea of finding beauty and inspiration in common every day objects. Who says you can’t just pull things down off your shelves at home and out of drawers to provide the inspiration for your wedding? Have a collection of old tea cups or vintage apothecary bottles? Grab them off the shelf and let them set the stage. And there is nothing that says your collections or objects have to be vintage – although I certainly do  love vintage ephemera – anything you love is fair game. Who cares if it’s not traditional wedding décor? If you love it, use it.




{Photos from A Creative Mint. See more of Leslie’s creations on her guest column at decor8.}

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