Lovely Flowers in Blue Vintage Bottles from Eat Drink Chic

Nov 4

I have a feeling it won’t be long before you catch on to my obsession with simple and pretty floral arrangements. The simpler and prettier the better. I love big elaborate arrangements as much as the next girl, but I think the true brilliance of flowers really shines when they’re allowed to stand alone in their own beauty. I love these little clumps of dainty flowers in random assorted bottles from Eat Drink Chic. This might be as perfect as it gets.



{Photos by Eat Drink Chic via Duet Letterpress.}

4 thoughts on “Lovely Flowers in Blue Vintage Bottles from Eat Drink Chic”

  1. I have searched in the Internet and everywhere else here in GREECΕ.But i cant find something similar. In e-bay i found some but i did not find the quantity i need! (i need 100 pieces) I was thinking that maybe I can find them in another country.

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