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Happy Veteran’s Day

I want to take a quick moment this morning to pause and recognize Veteran’s Day and the truly invaluable service of our American soldiers. Especially in light of the recent Fort Hood tragedy, I think it’s incredibly important to recognize those who have served our nation. I’ll refrain from divulging details of my personal political beliefs, but suffice it to say I am a firm believer that whether you agree with the many wars in which we find ourselves currently entangled, supporting and respecting our troops is nonnegotiable.

In particular, today I’m going to take a moment to recognize this specific veteran. He’s my big brother, the father of two incredible little girls I love with my entire being and husband to a woman I adore. On a day that feels not so long ago in January of 2008, my big brother was critically injured and subsequently hospitalized in an Army hospital in Iraq following an explosion while on foot patrol. Unless you’ve been there, I can’t explain to you how hard it is to sleep at night knowing that someone you love more than life is in harm’s way and when you get the call that they have been hurt, well, let’s just say that your priorities in life sort themselves out rather quickly.


I’m happy to say that after many weeks in the hospital and many months of recovery, my brother is now safely home, has finished his time in the Army, and is happily adjusting to civilian life. Despite having yet to fully recover from his injuries, he was with us on our wedding day wearing a tux and drinking beer with the boys before the ceremony and my day was all the more special for his having been there. Today I recognize him and our many American veterans. My hat goes off to you.

{Photo by James Bass.}

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Princess Christy

Wednesday 11th of November 2009

Prayers that your brother has an easy adjustment! It is never easy knowing someone you care about is in harm's way. Give him a big "thank you" for us! .-= Princess Christy's most recent blog post: =-.

brooke @ claremont road

Wednesday 11th of November 2009

I'm so glad to hear your brother is alive and well, although I'm sorry to hear that he has not fully recovered from his injuries. I cannot even imagine life at war, and I truly admire those who put their country (OUR country) first and are willing to make that sacrifice. It's very humbling. .-= brooke @ claremont road's most recent blog post: happy anniversary, Sesame Street! =-.

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