City of Brotherly Love Pretzel Favor Bags

Jan 28

If you live in Philly (or your heart resides in Philly, one or the other), these  City of Brotherly Love soft pretzel bags from Bird & Banner are for you. They’re $10 for 10 bags and they’re also available in bulk quantities – perfect for late night snacks at a wedding reception! I’ve always believed that edible favors are the best kind, but I especially love when you offer guests a little snack that is connected to a place near and dear to your heart. Pretzels offered up in these cute little bags are just the ticket.



{Photos from Bird & Banner.}

4 thoughts on “City of Brotherly Love Pretzel Favor Bags”

  1. hahaha Glad you’re loving it, Audrey! Aren’t they are awesome?

    I didn’t know you were from Philly, Chaucee! They do have great stuff, don’t they?

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