Raspberry Macaron Pops

Feb 23

I’ve seen a lot of macarons in my day, but none that look quite this adorable. Raspberry macaron pops. Brilliant! People put hot dogs on a stick, why not dessert? I love these pretty raspberry macaron pops, a simple macaron on a stick. Bunched together or tied with simple ribbon, they look so pretty and so festive. For some reason these make me think of Easter – I feel like I’d love to see a big bouquet of macarons sticking up out of an Easter basket. Simply because it sounds like fun and fun is what I do best.



{Photos from Tartelette.}

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Macaron Pops”

  1. Very cute, but can be not so practical (the stick might not hold too well in the macaron filling). We make them dipped in chocolate and it also keeps the macaron from drying! Just a little more decadent…

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