Floral Design 101

Mar 3

For our wedding last July, my mother, best friend, sister and I tackled all of the bouquets and centerpieces on our own. It saved a tremendous amount of money (a couple thousand dollars actually) and it was pretty simple to do. Since then I’ve really been longing to take a floral design class or workshop so I could learn a bit about actually designing pretty centerpieces and arrangements. I love the idea of being able to craft pretty flowers for parties and just to add a bit of color to our house this summer. With that said, when I saw this floral class on the Chelle Paperie blog, held at The Flower Studio in Baltimore, I got really inspired all over again. (And a bit jealous. I admit it.) Look at how gorgeous the finished centerpiece is! (Oh how I love pretty pastel roses paired with hydrangeas.)




Does anyone know of a fabulous floral class or workshop in the Syracuse (or even Rochester) area? I’ll pay you in unending gratitude if you can point me in the right direction. So far my search has turned up empty-handed, but I am determined to get my hands dirty and learn more about floral design. Bonus: If I can find a class, I’ll share some tips here once I’ve gotten the hang of things.

Has anyone else taken a floral class? Did you love it? Go ahead. Make me jealous. I want to hear all about it. (I really really do!)

{Photos from Chelle Paperie.}