Paper Flower Pomanders + Bouquets from Whether Paperworks

May 12

With my well-documented love of paper decorations, ornaments and decor, it will likely come as no big surprise when I announce my complete love and adoration for these pretty paper flower pomanders and bouquets from Whether Paperworks. Each piece is custom designed and handmade using your choice of paper from vintage magazines, comic books, sheet music, old books, journals, newspaper or photos. Every bouquet is handcrafted petal by petal, a process that results in gorgeous one of a kind creations, unique to your celebration. At our wedding our cake topper was a cluster of roses made from the pages of an old romance novel – these bouquets make me wish we’d gone paper for all of our flowers. Aren’t these just stunning?



diy-newspaper-paper-flowers-bouquet{Photos from Whether Paperworks.}